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RE: SteemLogin - a new and easy way to sign in to Steem!

in #utopian-io3 years ago (edited)

My upvote was $100 once upon a time.
I sure don't want someone steal my posting key if we even get to that price.

People are jumping on every new thing like Drugwars or steem bet and many others.


They can type anything and then you can get a lot of downvotes and in a few hours your reputation could go for a toss

Lol, like steem reputation means anything.

Steemit reputation, not actual reputation.

It's tempo-spatial dependent. In an echo chamber, it means everything.
In the real world, probably nothing.

Hm, we could make an experiment and try to sell our reputable accounts via ebay - and find out :D

It means nothing, even here.

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