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RE: Logo Proposal for Indecision

in #utopian-io3 years ago

Thank you for your contribution.

  • I see you are contributing quite often, try to go for more well established projects that has proper readme file with usage and install instructions and an appropriate open source license

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Hi @nilfanif, thanks for your review, as I tell you in my other contribution post, Im choosing now only projects that has proper readme file with usage and install instructions, but this one was posted already, even in project that dont have this Im asking to the projects owner to do that.

I have just one more question to make: I would like to know the criteria for a logo to be considered that brings great and impactful value, and can be used for applications outside the specific project.?

In this review that you made you put that this contribution adds nearly no value to the open source community and ecosystem or the specific project.

I just want to know that to improve my next contributions.

Best Regards!