[Condenser] Add support for embedding GIFV files

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[Condenser] Add support for embedding GIFV files

It was very recently brought to my attention that Condenser does not support GIFV file format. This isn't really something I would have encountered myself if not for @themarkymark. Since Marky is such a professional memer, it is of the utmost importance to him to be able to post high quality GIFS. However, GIF is a very inefficient file format and they can be quite large. That is where GIFV comes in.

What is GIFV - Imgur

In short, GIFV is a video format that is being presented to the browser as if it were an actual image instead. This can result in much smaller files, quicker load times, and seemless looping, amongst others. This also means you are able to make much more high quality animemes and upload them to Imgur without worrying about the size limit too much.

If you are viewing this post on https://condenser.steemliberator.com you will see an example of a high quality GIFV animation below (however if you are on https://steemit.com right now it will be a non-working image):

All you have to do to benefit from this new feature is just copy/paste a GIFV image link when creating a post. Condenser will handle the rest.

PS: The PR is possibly still a work in progress and might get updated later. However, it should be ready for testing now on https://condenser.steemliberator.com


screen shot 2018-08-30 at 11 38 31 am

screen shot 2018-08-30 at 11 38 52 am

Files Changed

  • utils/Links.js
  • cards/MarkdownViewer.js
  • shared/HtmlReady.js


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  • One giant leap for meme kind!
  • Two comments left over from the vimeo code made me wonder if imgur would not have a thumbnail to return?
        // if(images) images.add(vimeo.thumbnail) // not available
        // thumbnail: requires a callback - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1361149/get-img-thumbnails-from-vimeo
  • Good job on the approval of the PR, good luck for the merge in the future!

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Thank you for your review, @helo!

So far this week you've reviewed 3 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Dude, you are freaking awesome.

Have some !pancakes on me.


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hahahha I love the image XDDD

are you still working on decentmemes?

I usually just scroll through and press the vote buton, but this was a good read. Thanks for not wasting my time!


What part did you like the most? Will you be taking advantage of the ability to use GIFV?

Your account creation tool has been featured here on this post.
I've outlined the cost to create Steemit accounts and compared it to other providers.

Hi @netuoso condenser/steemliberator have the same "bug" of condenser/Steemit.
Both are showing the resteem button on Repleis links


Yes that is because it is a clone of the repo and contains all bugs/issues unless I deploy something different. Do you have a github issue relating to this?

Sorry that I don't know anything about GIFV but I just want to let you know that I update witness votes every 2-3 months and I just voted for you, nice to know that you flag spammers because they deserve to be flagged, but I'm just trying to thank a good steemians who delegated to me good power and to the app that I like so much !


Thanks and all but you aren't voting for me as witness, and in fact, you are just spamming this identical comment on other witnesses page. :/

In the condenser you linked on Steemliberator, I noticed the issue that the video starts in pause. I had to right click, show controls and click play for it to start playing.

@netuoso, can you please publish a post about doing the EFTG condenser task so that Utopian can upvote it ? There's also about $100 of bounty on top of that.

@netuoso good work.... Hope to see more opportunities to earn on @steemit.com

that is nice


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