SteemTools & SteemTools API - hidden tools for all steemians ---- Part 1

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Project Repository


One month earlier, SteemTools project has started. But It is still in Beta stage.
Thought it is in Beta version, there are many useful tools added in the project.

Logo credit : @tebriz

At first, I want to talk about what is steemtools.

What is steemtools?

SteemTools is an open source project. It is developing and maintaining by me. It is a website based on PHP and steem. It contains some hidden tools which are not in the main steemit website.
Nowadays steemit become popular. More than 1 million people used steemit. But there are some problems with Many features aren't shown to the main steemit website.
I think these tools will help people who don't know any programming.

SteemTools Website


  • SteemTools REST API
  • STEEMIT Blog/post words & Characters counter
  • Withdraw Route check tool
  • Withdraw Route Change tool
  • Withdraw Route Remove tool
  • Check Current Recovery tool
  • Change Current Recovery tool
  • Request Account Recovery tool
  • Check for blacklisted account tool

I will discuss these features later.


  • Save Your time
  • Free to use
  • Fast & Secured
  • Work with SteemConnect
  • Opensource


  • Add more unique features
  • Add Escrow Transaction
  • Full API release
  • User Reporting Tool & API
  • Add SteemTools Ranking & Reward System.

SteemTools Rest API


SteemTools released REST API for Steem Developer yesterday. Some Parameters has been added.
These are-

  • get_withdraw_routes
  • get_volume
  • get_vesting_delegations
  • get_version
  • get_trending_tags
  • get_trade_history
  • get_ticker
  • get_recovery_request
  • get_savings_withdraw_to
  • get_savings_withdraw_from
  • get_account_count
  • get_blog_count : It is an unique API. It is not placed on Steem Nodes.
  • get_active_votes
  • get_accounts

Method: GET


Steemtools API vs Steemit API

After release the full public API of steemtools, It will work similar to But there is some difference between these two API.

  • is a full API node. It works with only POST method. The user need to make an HTTP request to get data. It is very hard coded. An only high experienced developer can use it. It requires additional software or Web Tool to get data in JSON.

  • is a child API. Its parent API is It works with GET method. It is also a REST API. People can access this API directly from any browser. A beginner developer can use it easily.


SteemTools API already added in a discord BOT. mcBOT works with SteemTools API.

mcBOT is a Discord BOT which shows statistics of any steemit post. Its full name is Mr. COUNTER BOT. Currently, it shows these three information.


  • Total Words
  • Total Characters
  • Total Upvotes

When a user sends any steemit post/article link to DISCORD channel or DM to mcBOT, The bot reply to the statistics of total words, characters and upvotes. It will help the all steemit community of discord. It will also help those community who arrange article writing contest.

mcBOT Documentation & Release notes

Blog Counter Tools



It is a web tool which will show any steemit blog's total words, characters, and net votes.

Thank you for reading this. Today I have discussed SteemTools & SteemTools API. In the next part, I will discuss all the features and roadmap of these web tools.


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Hi nawab69,

Thank you for writing about your project. The Steemtools looks like extra tools to surf and enjoy the Steem blockchain. I tried the word count, and it functioned excellently. I appreciate the information about the tools, and the project road-map.

On the structure part, the post is well structured and well-illustrated. I believe it could contain more details on how to use the tools, a few experiences, and other relevant things about the project. Nevertheless, the post clarifies the uses and functions of the project.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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