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RE: Documentation for Godot | PanoramaSky and ProceduralSky

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This contribution is not upto the mark to be called a documentation contribution.

I would like you to work more on the documentation part to submit a documentation contribution.

I will link you to example of a good documentation contribution.


Thank you

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That was a very rude way to say that my contribution was too short to be considered by Utopian.

You have to understand that writing documentation for a large open source project is not the same as documenting functions in your own github repo. For a large project you have to learn the code base, coordinate with others and write high quality documentation. Whereas for your own code base you can churn out the entire documentation in a short time because you have intimate knowledge of the code. However, a smaller contribution to a large project adds more value to the community especially for new users who can't learn from the source code.

I would appreciate your feedback.

Sorry if I sounded rude @clayjohn.

I wanted to highlight that the commit you have submitted as the contribution was too short in comparison to other contributions.

I would like to be honest but I am not advising you to contribute to other large project but I wanted to encourage you to work more on the documentation part.

Loooking more into this I found the repository where this whole project is documented -

And the official documentation can be found here -

I am encouraging you to do more work in the contribution.

In Utopian we appreciate most the quality of work provided indeed.


Hope you understand my message to you

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