[Translation][Portuguese] The Curious Expedition, from English (1107 words) Day 7

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Project Details

Curious Expedition is a rogue-like expedition simulation set in the 19th century. Throughout the exploration of gigantic uncharted territories full of danger and treasures, the players will have to prove their bravery and ingenuity facing the unknown. The story is based on a decision-making dynamic that makes the path and gaming experience of every player different.

When I was first presented with this translation task I didn't know what I was about to discover. In order to do my job as perfect as possible I first searched the project to see for myself what I was translating. For my own surprise I found out that Curious Expedition is a really interesting game that lets you control all those fantastic explorers that I have read on books; it goes from Charles Darwin to Roald Amundsen and many others.

Being an adventure writer myself I must admit that I wish I had more time to play it!

The game is available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and at the official homepage http://curious-expedition.com.

Contribution Specifications

1. Translation Overview

The 7th day working on Curious Expleditions started on the Main Game files, the last one pending translations.

I have decided to leave this files as my last option due to its long dialogues, which always represents a challenge when it comes to translating from English to Portuguese - many pronouns to adapt - in which I wanted to achieve better consistency.

Once more the working followed a good flow, apart from another possible issue I found in the source string (attached below).

Starting point on Main Game files (English/Portuguese)

  • Later $he became a strong critic of $his own journeys and wrote [many|some|a few] [heavily widespread|fairly unknown] [articles|books] about the detrimental effects of carelessly intruding upon uncharted territory.

    String source:https://crowdin.com/translate/the-curious-expedition/3/en-ptbr#13545, accessed on Sep. 4th at 15:42

  • Mais tarde, $he fez fortes críticas às aventuras que havia feito, e escreveu [muitos|alguns|uns poucos] [artigos|livros] [muito difundidos|bastante desconhecidos] sobre os efeitos negativos da invasão descuidada em território não mapeado.

    Fonte da String:https://crowdin.com/translate/the-curious-expedition/3/en-ptbr#13545, acessado em 4 de Setembro às 15:42

End point on Main Game files (English/Portuguese)

Sugestion to the developes on the Main Game file (English/Portuguese)

The string below contains a possible error when it reads "violently rolling on the floor and" - it should not have the word and. With that extra 'and' the phrase does not connect with the following part "...and trying to strangle each other with grave intentions."

The string was translated but and issue ticked has been opened warning the developing team.

  • Our [people were| group was] [losing faith|growing tense|becoming overwrought], and a discussion between $name escalated into a [raucous|heated] argument. A moment later the pair were [violently rolling on the floor and|exchanging blows|throwing fisticuffs|at each other's throats,] and trying to strangle each other with grave intentions.

    String source:https://crowdin.com/translate/the-curious-expedition/3/en-ptbr#10408, accessed on Oct. 4th at 18:11

  • [A nossa gente|O nosso grupo] estava [perdendo a fé|ficando tenso|se tornando triste], e uma discussão entre $name evoluiu para uma discussão [feia|grave]. Um momento depois o par estava [violentamente rolando no chão|trocando golpes|se soqueando|apertando a garganta um do outro,] e tentando estrangular um ao outro com intenções sérias.

    Fonte da String:https://crowdin.com/translate/the-curious-expedition/3/en-ptbr#10408, acessado em 4 de Outubro às 18:11

2. Languages

This translation was made from English to Portuguese.

For the past two years, I worked as a basic to intermediate level English teacher at a local school, expanding greatly my knowledge of the English and Portuguese grammar/vocabulary. Now I'm a full time content creator using English as my main language.

I volunteered to translate two different projects for the brazilian community, which served as a sample for my application on the Da-Vinci/Utopian Portuguese Translation Team, where I'm currently working.

3. Word Count

  • On this work I have translated a total of 1107 words over a period of 3.5 hours

Proof of Authorship

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Woho, waiting for the Language Manager to review ^~


Who is the Language Manager?


@phbr, he manages all the translations from Portuguese to English. Once he approves it goes to daVinci and then to Utopian.


Oh ok, good luck to you.

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