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RE: Tutorial for Actifit App (update November 2018 - version v0.5.0)

in #utopian-io4 years ago

Thank you for a great tutorial @katerinaramm

You had greatly covered the new features of our latest release! Content, illustrations, and description are all well written.

One point i would add is that disabling Phone Sensors benefits users from less battery drainage, as their sensors are no longer being tracked.
There's also a minor new feature we released in 0.5.1 which shows on the "View Tracking History" screen a " (Fitbit) " word next to the entry which was tracked using Fitbit :)

Aside from that, great work.

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Thank you @mcfarhat!
I will make the inclusions to the tut according to your remarks
The app is too fast to keep up with : )

Thank you for your review, @mcfarhat! Keep up the good work!

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