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Github Repository:

Thats is my 1-st post with @utopian-io tag , and I want to show you a small, at that time ,program .

What is the project about?

Cherry is a local server for web development. Combined nginx php and mariadb in one startup script and options. When I started programing with php i work with denwer - tools ,that helpfull in working with not a big projects on own pcs .
Denwer was based on Apache server , but I started to work with nginx and decide to create something like denwer.

Ok now you know that Cherry is a local server that will be useful for home work or study web development based on php and sql databases (mariadb) + nginx

existing features :

- can create virtual server on your windows pc with help nginx ;
- contain myphpadmin, with what can manage yours databases

Technology Stack :

  • nginx nginx/1.14.0 ;
  • 10.3.10-MariaDB;
  • PHP version: 7.2.11;
  • phpMyAdmin version 4.8.5;
  • for starting script used Batch Script - Commands;

    For now is tested on Windows 8.1 (x86). For normally work you need too edit host file and put line by line yours projects domains names with ip like that: myphpadmin first.domain
![]( second.domain

To start go to folder cherry/scripts and run start.bat , for stopping run stop.bat:

In fast future will be created script that be automatically writing domains to .hosts file. Localhost Cherry page with form for creating new project ,and with what you will can manage all projects in your home Cherry system : editing , deleting etc. Form for creating ssl certificates for yours projects , to test https features.

- How to contribute?

You can find Me by @mandarin2016 in discord , or write mail to with title Cherry-contribute
Thanks you @utopian-io for giving this an opportunity. Thank you all have a nice day!
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  • Post's editorial quality is below average. (Formatting, language, presentation). We do review also that kind of mechanics in contributions.

  • You vendorize (phpmyadmin, mariadb, php) into the repository. How will you manage the updates?

  • Repository's readme is almost empty. In OS concept, we expect a description, feature list, limitations, instructions on that file.

  • Looks like the only part actually you have written code is the /cherry/scripts directory. While I applause the efforts, we do expect more volume in terms of work done in that category at Utopian.

Please, have a look at our guidelines and contributions got a great score before submitting your next contribution.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler! Keep up the good work!

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