PostPromoter Change vote_value to use market prices

in utopian-io •  3 months ago


PostPromoter bug fix

Change vote_value to use market prices. Median prices are only closer estimates of payout for votes sold on post older than 5.25 days (7 day minus half median time).

By calculating vote value based on current steem market price instead of median price, we can correctly apply a fair fill limit and vote calculation.

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Thanks for the contribution, @lightproject! Since you submitted it to the bug hunting category, and it doesn't really follow their guidelines (the project must be included in the Utopian bug hunting whitelist, or must be associated to a bug hunting task request), we've decided to change it to the development category instead.

It's a small change, but a pretty important one. Great work!

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Hi , my pleasure, thanks for the kind attention. Have a good one.


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

For bots that accept both STEEM and SBD, hopefully they are also not using the Median price to figure what the STEEM is worth as SBD and SBD worth as STEEM when ranking bid windows internally.


Yes exactly. Addressing your concern in regards of 'postpromoter' software I have tackled the issue by enforcing steem market price in the 'Fill Limit' internal function.

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