Add View of STEEM DOLLARS Price On Wallet

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Components is a web connected to via steem connect, we can also post to steemit via, rewarding opensource contributor.


my proposal is to re-show the price of STEEM DOLLARS which is no longer available on market, a few days ago I saw the price of STEEM DOLLARS still available in market, but why now no longer exists.

Mockups / Examples

view of wallet now:

view of wallet last week:


the benefits that we can get with the display price of STEEM DOLLARS on wallet will make it easier for us to know from the latest price and price development chart of STEEM DOLLARS.

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Hello @lapulga , Your contribution can not be approved as this seems to be really trivial and non technical. You are adviced to always suggest things that will most probably have great impact on the project.Example of good contributions can be found here here here and here
please do well to look into the sample given to avoid submiting low quality contribution in the future. Thank you.

  • Click on the arrow below to see chart please,thank you.

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