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#KMUBARAQ : Logo Design Proposal for Android App 365 Body Workout

in utopian-io •  7 months ago


Hallo steemian. This time I try to design a logo for an Android app "365 Body Workout ". Use aplication 365 Body Workout to good life and healt your body.
Workout from your phone, tablet, Chromecast or Android TV


Github Link : 365 Body Workout

Play Store : 365 Body Workout





Benefits / Improvements

This logo I design with a modern touch, so this new logo can better reflect the name of the application itself. here I combine the two icons to design the Healthy Battery logo, the fitness icon and circle icon.


In doing this logo, I use Adobe Illustrator CC 2017.

Proof of Work
SC 1.png
sc 2.png
sc 3.png
sc 4.png
sc 5.png
sc 6.png
sc 7.png
sc 8.png
sc 9.png

Original files

You can get original File and Editable (AI, PDF, SVG, EPS), Download here

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