Suggest a recent post when viewer tries to upvote a post older than seven days

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One of my main hobbies on internet is inviting content creators to the steemit platform and one of the main push backs I encounter with professional content creators is the limited time that a post can earn rewards.
youtube creators count on the small continuous income from their older videos after they peak in the first few days, for them switching to would feel like a lose. the same goes for bloggers or musicians.
As a consequence the content created for steemit platforms has a lower quality because it only needs to perform for a short while and after that it has little to no value.
however, we can fix the problem by adding a small feature.


We can add a small message: to show when a viewer clicks upvote on a post that is older than seven days, and suggest visiting/upvoting one of the newer posts by the same author, redirecting a wasted vote (in the eyes of users) to benefit both author and curator.
As a side feature we can add a checkbox to leave a comment or memo for the authors and let them know which one of their posts is getting attention and rewards for them.

Mockups / Examples



there might be several other benefits to this small feature but from the top of my head I can mention few.

  • the new users don't need to read about the seven days reward period to learn about it.
  • better chance to reward authors with quality posts.
  • directing more traffic to the newer post from the same author.
  • offer a chance to visitors to hang around a bit longer and view similar content.
  • the steem platform becomes a little more interesting for professional content creators.
  • a reason for authors to post for the long term instead of the first few days.
  • a good reason for authors to post at least once every week and catch those votes and not just any post, something worthy of an upvote.

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Hey @kiaazad I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • You have less than 500 followers. Just gave you a gift to help you succeed!
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!


  • Contribute more often to get higher and higher rewards. I wish to see you often!
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I like it. The only drawback I can see, is that it plays into the common mindset that early adopters have too big an advantage; that new players struggle to be noticed.
Detractors will say, 'Those with thousands of previous articles will find all of their new posts buoyed up the trending page, despite not deserving to be there'.
I don't believe this is the case; but that's what they'll say.


it is true that early adapters would have more posts to get attention but most of them are not aimed for long term, even I stopped writing full flagged tutorials once I found myself behind those with daily posts.
the main function of this feature is to motivate creating content that holds it's educational value for months and years, as a currency, the value of steem depends on the value of it's vaults content, and we want to fill it with long lasting gold instead of fast spoiling caviar.
I think we should honor early adapters and accept their superiority in the field as a fact, steem is an ecosystem, the new users should learn to thrive under their shadow instead of trying to cut them down.
plus: we are those early adapters, the beta testers, the majority of people still don't know about steem and steemit, we are laying this foundation brick by brick for them to build their success on.


Every word you just said is right.
Its hard to type this, I'm nodding so hard.
You put up an excellent argument; and I hope the idea gets past all the knee jerking.


thank you for your support, it means a lot to me ^_^

Or how about an option on a profile that is very much time dependent to have a popup or similar that informs the post viewer that there is a new post available?


I think you misunderstood the purpose of the feature I suggested, it just lets the user know that they are upvoting an old post and suggests a more recent post to upvote instead.


I understood what you were suggesting but I was offering another alternative that would inform a visitor to the post before they clicked the upvote. This would mean that even if someone wasn't going to upvote they would still be informed that there was newer content available. :-)


well if we try to inform the users every time they open an older post, the notification would appear 99.9 percent of times considering the amount of posts that are older than seven days comparing to the new ones.

mr.@kiaazad i need your guidance on how to play utopian, i have very long wait, i hope someday meet someone who can guide me.


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Amazing your posting mr.@kiaazad I like this


you didn't even read my post did you?


I read it but I can not understand it because I have to translate it first, because I am from Indonesia


kind of my point, but it's not that important, just try to not send the same type of comment under every post.


Ok I will not send it again and thank you for your mr. @Kiaazad