Piggy Budget v2.5; The app crashes when trying to add Income.

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Project Information

Repository: https://github.com/pmiddend/piggybudget
Project Name: Piggy Budget

Expected behavior

Users should be able to be able to add income successfully without the app crashing.

Actual behavior

The application closes and crashed when user add income, if this action is repeated, the app then becomes unstable thereby rendering it totally unusable.

How to reproduce

  1. Download and install the latest release of the app.

  2. Launch the app.

  3. Grant all permissions.

  4. Click on the green coloured circle with the "+" sign.

  5. Insert some figures as income value.

  6. Return to the home page.

It will be observed that the app crashes and closes. Hence, the bug.

  • N.B repeat steps 2,4 and 5, and the app becomes unstable after subsequent launch.
    Browser: Piggy budget version 2.5
    Operating system: android version 6.0

Recording Of The Bug

GitHub Account


Link to Github Issue here


04-10 15:12:52.720 I/am_proc_start(949): [0,13941,10482,de.php_tech.piggybudget,activity,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity]
04-10 15:12:52.842 I/am_proc_bound(949): [0,13941,de.php_tech.piggybudget]
04-10 15:12:52.845 I/am_restart_activity(949): [0,25924613,112628,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity]
04-10 15:12:53.205 I/am_on_resume_called(13941): [0,de.php_tech.piggybudget.MainActivity]
04-10 15:12:53.398 I/am_activity_launch_time(949): [0,25924613,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity,699,699]
04-10 15:13:05.094 I/am_pss  (949): [13941,10482,de.php_tech.piggybudget,118175744,115191808]
04-10 15:13:09.857 I/am_proc_died(949): [0,13941,de.php_tech.piggybudget]
04-10 15:13:09.859 I/am_finish_activity(949): [0,25924613,112628,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity,proc died without state saved]
04-10 15:13:09.862 I/sf_frame_dur(271): [de.php_tech.piggybudget/de.php_tech.piggybudget.MainActivity,24,15,7,6,11,10,1]
04-10 15:13:12.112 I/am_create_activity(949): [0,13175938,112629,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity,android.intent.action.MAIN,NULL,NULL,270532608]
04-10 15:13:12.127 I/am_focused_activity(949): [0,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity]
04-10 15:13:12.146 I/am_proc_start(949): [0,14013,10482,de.php_tech.piggybudget,activity,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity]
04-10 15:13:13.427 I/am_proc_bound(949): [0,14013,de.php_tech.piggybudget]
04-10 15:13:13.448 I/am_restart_activity(949): [0,13175938,112629,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity]
04-10 15:13:13.649 I/am_on_resume_called(14013): [0,de.php_tech.piggybudget.MainActivity]
04-10 15:13:13.810 I/am_activity_launch_time(949): [0,13175938,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity,1677,1677]
04-10 15:13:18.873 I/am_crash(949): [949,0,de.php_tech.piggybudget,948452932,Native crash,Segmentation fault,unknown,0]
04-10 15:13:18.918 I/am_finish_activity(949): [0,13175938,112629,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity,force-crash]
04-10 15:13:19.009 I/am_pause_activity(949): [0,13175938,de.php_tech.piggybudget/.MainActivity]
04-10 15:13:19.099 I/am_proc_died(949): [0,14013,de.php_tech.piggybudget]
04-10 15:13:19.435 I/sf_frame_dur(271): [de.php_tech.piggybudget/de.php_tech.piggybudget.MainActivity,2,0,1,2,2,1,0]
04-10 15:13:21.123 I/sf_frame_dur(271): [Application Error: de.php_tech.piggybudget,8,0,0,0,1,2,0]
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Hi @jubreal, thanks for making this contribution.

I was able to reproduce the crash. I see the PO has acknowledged the crash.

  1. The expected and actual behavior is very well written.
  2. The steps you provided were easy to follow. The recording very well complemented the written steps.
  3. I think this report should have been merged with this report by you here- https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@jubreal/piggy-budget-v2-5-the-app-crashes-and-become-unstable-after-creating-income-type. Both have to do with income.
  4. I will also advise that you give feedback to the PO after opening an issue. There appears to be a disconnect with the log you provided and native code with which the app runs.

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Thanks for the review.... I'm trying to gather more resources about the crash which I'll submit to the po once I'm done.


Thank you for your review, @fego! Keep up the good work!

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