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RE: Lego Cap add-on to Hexapod Robot

in #utopian-io6 years ago

Yeah I really love to see your Hexapod Robot project continues to grow when it seemed already to be finished last time, but it grows, in height now!
I enjoyed this new dance with lego-man on the top much, and I must say that slow-motioned falling of him was just epic fall.))
I am waiting for my son to come back from his grandma's vacation to show him this new video of your robot-dance, because he loved to watch the previous one.
I wish I could help to solve this technical issue, but unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge. That is why all I wish you is much of bright inspiration for this project and others. Because you really inspire people to use their 3d printing abilities in absolutely new way. Good luck to you my friend. Hope you solve this anyway and awaiting to see the next stage improvements.


Thanks @johnstone. My next plan is to integrate some voice control but that’s a bigger step. Need todo a new design, electronics and software changes.

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