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I forked the "official" Steem documentation site because Steemit, Inc. doesn't have time to merge my pull requests.

My Developer Portal Fork

If you're looking for Steem documentation, historically, you could go to You still can. But nobody's merging changes from the community anymore after the layoffs.

Instead, you can go to my version:

So, I'm going to toot my own horn for a little bit. Yes, anybody can fork the documentation. But not anybody can get it to load correctly. I had to really work my fork around because when @originate first got it up and running, he decided (or was directed) to run the official developer portal on its own host, which means the site was not really a Github Pages site anymore, even though it was hosted as such. Mine is.

Basically, the site was intended to be hosted from one route (on the root). That means it really wasn't compatible with Github Pages anymore. So I added the ability for the pages to have relative paths so they could be hosted in either environment (without broken links, which is a nice feature (that's sarcasm, you never want to have broken links (ever))).

This is a preview/experimental version of what will eventually land on because I'm going to keep doing pull requests in case Steemit, Inc. ever leaves crisis mode. In fact, I consider this a litmus test of their status: merging documentation pull requests. If that's not happening (or happens very rarely) then it means the community must reverse engineer everything and Steemit, Inc. is still in crisis mode.

If you have any suggestions, you're welcome to make a pull request to my repo and I'll look at the changes and see if we can't get them into the official documentation as well, eventually. Otherwise, consider my repo as authoritative for the moment.


Stuff I've added lately:

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This is an interesting post to review. It's brief. And we often don't evaluate posts about the Steem experience, because that's a huge portion of the posts on here.

But this is an excellent example of the kind of post about Steem that we should evaluate and incentivize, as this is very important work for the entire community. As the org has dropped the ball, it falls to the community to pick it up and run with it, and that's what you're doing.

The post itself is, as I wrote, a little brief and thin on content. I always want to know more, especially about the background and reasons for decisions. That personal touch that makes a post more compelling. But it is well written and clear, which is more significant.

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Thank you for your review, @didic! Keep up the good work!

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Inertia, you are the true MVP.

Thanks for doing this.
It is yet another important Steem task that is being performed by the Steem community. The path to true decentralisation and the great success of Steem lies in this direction.

Community wins, future dapp devs win.

Thank you.

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Good job Man. Possibly a big waste of your time in the long run, but you did it real well.


63k Steem Power is a good incentivize


10/10, thank you man! Really been looking for an up to date plugins doc, plus you getting the whole thing working is amazing!

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Thank you for doing this, awesome effort !!

Hi, @inertia!

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Interesting! We'll be reading your updated documentation. Keep up the good work!