A bug on Steemit

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When viewing one's profile page and blog, it is normal to easily check one's reputation score,cover image and profile picture.

However, today I found out that when I am viewing one's reward and wallet page, it does not show one's reputation score,cover image and profile picture correctly. So I think there must be a bug in it.

For proving the bug that I have pointed out, I will show it out as detail as I could at below.

So, I am here to take @sweetsssj as an example.

This is the main page of @sweetsssj.


Everything looks okay and fine.


when I click inside the reward and wallet page of @sweetsssj, it does not show reputation score,cover image and profile picture of @sweetsssj correctly!



Browser: Google Chrome
Devices : Lenovo ideapad
Operating systems: Window 8

Thanks for reviewing my post.

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I noticed the same thing on my own profile so you are not alone. Not sure if bug or privacy measure.

I know thats been happening alot recently saying block nodes down : (

how long have you been with utopian and woudl you recomment it ?

A couple of weeks and it's a nice platform.

my only concern is steemit takes enough of my time!! lol and Thank you incrediblesnow!, did you like my last art post "indiffrence" what you think ? great to get your interpretion! : )

i guess everyone's steem power is also dropped down. is that a bug or something that happens regularly?

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it is a duplicate. It is very similar to a contribution that was already accepted here.
Also Here
Welcome to Utopian community great post. But unfortunately, I have to reject.
The maintainers are working on a fix, yes this bug is quite annoying to me too :)
You can contact us on Discord.

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