Creation of contributor's guide and improvement of privacy policy for Easy Diary Android app.

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Linked Task Request

There was no task request made for this contribution. I offered to create some documents for the project and the project owner obliged. This request was made via a public issue on Github.


Easy Diary is an amazing project. I can't overemphasize how amazing it is. It has become an indispensable app for me lately. You will find out why ,in this article I wrote about the app.
The developer has keenly been maintaining the project. On the project's repository on Github, you will find that the developer has released 100 versions of the app. All these updates were done by himself. Every new thing that has been done on the app, was done by him. But, it shouldn't be so.
Aside from making source codes open and free, collaborative development is another component of an open source concept. Unfortunately, that has not been the case with this project. I don't know the reason though. But, it'd be great to see open source contributors get on the project and advance it further. Currently, there are only 3 contributors to the project. That is; me, the project owner, and some other guy.
I had to find a way to get people contributing and opted to create a "contributor's guidelines" for the project. Hopefully, this would spur people to contribute to the project, and show them the way to do so.

Easy Diary is a simple app. The developer doesn't collect any user personal information when the app is used. But, some of the app permissions and capabilities woud make some end-users think otherwise. Especially those that are very skeptical about their privacy. To clear doubts and skeptcisms, the developer created a privacy policy statement for the project. But, it was properly done. He compiled a privacy policy statement for all the projects he maintains in a single document. To be honest, it didn't look really good. So I told him that it could be improved and I improved it, made it more formal, and personalized it for only Easy Diary.
You can read the project owner's original policy statement here.

Actual content

As I earlier stated in the overview, I engaged in creating a contributor's guide and privacy policy statement for the project.

The contributor's guide was concise and detailed. I highlighted how prospective contributors can get started with my making their contributions. Whatever they decided to contribute.
The privacy policy, as I have always done, follwed the standard template that can be found on the internet, but, it was modified to suit only Easy Diary project.

Here's the link to the contributor's guide
Here's the link to the privacy policy statement

Additional information

It's been great working with the project owner. I have never had a better communication with project owners on Github than this guy. He responds to pull requests and opened issues quickly. I've made some suggestions to the project and he plans to implement them in the next version of the app. I love his zeal and dedication to seeing that the project is constantly improved on. I've offered my services for any kind of document he hope's to create in the future.

For the documents I created, I sent pull requests for them and he merged them almost instantly. He liked them as no corrections were made, or highlighted for me to correct.

Here are the links to merged pull requests;

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Thank you for your contribution.

The changes made on the Privacy Policy are not of high relevance or notoriety. However, given the fact that the PO agreed to them, they are valuable to the Project Owner.

On regards to the Contributing guide, remember to always proofread your text on typos and style amendments. Titles, in particular, should be free from any kind of error that may persuade the reader from actually reading the document (such as the title "Code Contribtuion").

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

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Thanks for your review @jmromero. However, I have some issues with the review about word count. Often times you have adviced the next to add two copywriting efforts in a single contribution. The privacy policy and contributor's guide put together are above 1,000 words. I'm surprised your review says 400.
Please I'll need clarification. Thanks.


Hey there. Sorry for the late reply. The word count took into consideration only the differences between the original privacy policy and the adjustments made by you.


oh okay, so the changes I made and the contributors guide had only 400 words together. No qualms. It safe to say that, creating privacy policies aren't eligible contributions for the copywriting category.


They added to around 800 words, but since we don't have an option for that, the valid answer would be +400 words. In the new questionnaire I proposed (and hope will be implemented soon) this should be addressed.


Oh okay. I hope it'll be implemented soon too.


Thank you for your review, @jmromero! Keep up the good work!

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