SteemConnect is now able to manage multi accounts!

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Hi everyone, long time no see.

So I haven't published anything in a while but today I'm happy to announce the release of this nice feature that many of you were waiting for I think.

SteemConnect can now handle multiple accounts!

The feature works pretty much the same like Google. You can add or delete your accounts, etc.

When you log to steemconnect using this link, you now have a dropdown menu on the top right of the header that will show you the different accounts existing on your computer (accounts are saved in the localstorage so if you're using another computer, the list will be different)


Let's add another account now and click on the use another account button. You're now redirected to this page:

From there you can either add another account, use an existing one or delete the unwanted accounts.
Ok so I've added another account and this is what it's look like now:


And now I can just switch accounts by simply selecting the one I want !


It's cool, isn't it ?

This feature is also available when you use steemconnect to login, authorize a new app, etc. Let me show.
So let take for example the awesome app.

Using this link I'm gonna authorized it on my account (I've removed the authorization first for this article)

So we're on this well known page now.

But know when I click on continue ...


Oh! awesome I can know select the account I want to use !!! You just need to type your key so that steemconnect adds the app to your posting authorities and you're done ! If you use the link again, you won't need to type your key except if you want to use another account and it's not yet authorized

Also a quick reminder. To revoke authorizations on apps just go to this page and revoke access tokens or posting authorities (although keep these 2 apps :p):


I hope you guys like this new feature and sorry we took so long to develop it.

See ya

Greg from the team.

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Great usefull feature especially for project account such @steemactivities, @steemquebec, @aidefr, @steemalsace, ...

Thanks, it would be great to have a switch account feature so you don,t have to disconnect and then relogin with the other account. Here Google have a good usability on that. since both account are still connected.

Although having the first account disconnected and the second one (or 3rd one) be connected after the switch.

@soushi888, you may like it!

Thank you very much. This is really useful. I remember this has been brought up as a bug for quite a few months.

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Great feature, thanks it's really usefull to vote the a great article such this one will all the accounts I manage (projects accounts and personal account)

This is great addition!

Thanks for this feature!

But is there any way where I can keep my posting key as well as active key saved for logging into different apps (from the same account); as some apps ask for an active key instead of posting key?

I used to try to apply steemconnect to my MicroSteemit.
But for some of restriction , i failed .
Still looking forward to your promoting on steemconnect.


I still need to figure out how to get multiple accounts, actually; need one for my project site.


but after thinking for a long time , it seems hard to apply steemconnect to my project


Some of the team on here have both their personal account, but the can post from, say, @Steemitblog. I want to do something like that with Stormlighttech.

Works nice with! After logging in to my second account, I logged out in busy then quickly logged in by selecting the other account (no need to reenter password). I use in more than one tab and page refresh is needed after switching accounts in another tab. We have to be more careful when writing on more than one tab and save the work before switching accounts. Drafts are not saved after switch. Thanks for this feature!

At last... LOL.

please what is steemconnect i will like to know more about it

This is an excellent addition for those who manage other projects, besides their own accounts!

I cannot explain how I waited and love this feature. Since I have started multi-blogging, I struggled to switch between accounts, and didn't want to stop using Busy. With this, its now superior in accounts handling, too.
Thank you very much!