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What is the project about?

I've realized that official API isn't available for a while, And all existing Utopian API modules can't be functioning while API provider isn't available, I also have realized many people were asking for API which is only available at, however, I couldn't find any module for Node.js API wrapper available for it then I've decided to make a module for it which gonna make any projects depends on Utopian API comes back to work easily by just installing that alternative module and following simple usage instructions.


Install using npm:

npm install node-utopian-rocks


const utopian = require('node-utopian-rocks');


Calling Asynchronously:

// Retrieve posts by category, status
await utopian.getPosts('development', 'reviewed')

// Retrieve posts by category, status, author, non-staff-picks
await utopian.getPosts('development', 'reviewed', 'gigatoride', null, false)

// Retrieve moderators
await utopian.getModerators();

// Retrieve Statistics by today for task requests
await utopian.getStats('today', 'task_requests');

You can also do it using then()
for more information please visit


For testing using jest

npm test


Technology Stack

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript


  • Adding any upcoming API calls that will be available on
  • More improvements and more advanced options, configs.


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How to contribute?

Feel free to contribute to the project by opening a new pull request or open a new issue if there is any bug.
To get in touch with me please use my email address in my GitHub profile.

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Thank you for your contribution.

  1. This is a nice wrapper for the API, although I'd like to see further data extractions from JSON data.
  2. There used to be some projects e.g. this that is based on the official utopian API - but seems suspended and no longer in use after the incident.
  3. +1 for the tests. But expecting to be 'object' may not be good enough - In Javascript, every thing is object.

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Thanks, your feedback will be taken into account for further improvements.

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