Development Update For The TribeSteemUp Homepage | New About Page And 4-Grid Layout

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This is a development update for the @tribesteemup (TSU) community homepage. It is based on the open source frontend code from @creativecrypto and has been adjusted for our community account. In this update I have changed the design structure and added a new "about" tab to the navigation with background information about TSU.

TSU Homepage


New Features

  1. Added a new tab "About" to the main navigation
  2. Changed the color of the navigation menu and added a subtitle "Community Empowerment" (including a fix for the smallest flexible design in which the title was too long and broke the design)
  3. Increased the grid layout from 3 to 4 boxes which uses now the entire width of the design on a full HD monitor
  4. New "About" page with more infos about the community and its goals as well as a user section (which for now is only filled with the TSU account and the founder @kennyskitchen; more will be added later)




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Do you know that TSU used to be social media platform that was quite popular? It defunct a bit over 2 years ago.


No, I didn't know that. Here is their wiki page.


I was on it and there are a lot of former Tsuvians on this platform. There is a tag tsufamily and tsuvians people use LOL

You might get a lot of people coming to you just because of that :)

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Hi, thanks for the advise but this already took me an entire day to do. So I am pretty happy what I have achieved there. This is my first contribution as a developer and I have worked with Utopian since day one. This is a big deal for me. :)

So this contribution is denied?


Currently there is no accepting or rejecting. If you want to learn more about the review process and how we determine if a contribution will get rewarded or not then you can read about it here.


Ah ok, cool. Thanks for the infos.

awesome post,my dear friend @flauwy.
very good post,i like this post all time.
thank you for sharing your post,

Wow.. Thanks for taking ur time for giving this clear explanation.. It a nice one and well understood.. Pls kindly follow my writeup as have done to u@ emmatoes1. Thank u

Nice to see our SMG's Sam @eftnow featured on the snappy new page! :) mice job.

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