Arabic -Translation: Obyte Bots [Part 1] (Approximately 1,266 words)

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Obyte Repositories:

Obyte link:

Arabic page:

Project details:

Obyte or previously known as Byteball is an open cryptocurrency platform that has it's own cryptocurrency (AKA GBYTE). It allows their users to do a variety of activities such as sports betting, price prediction, exchanging coins, purchasing stocks and many other features.

This process is used by making deals known as smart contracts. To facilitate the interaction between users and the platform, Obyte has a brilliant feature called Chatbots, which are applications that facilitate the interaction and create unique commands for each user.

The contracts between two persons are valid and secured by recruiting a third party who acts as an informer to tell if the conditions are met.

Obyte is not based on a blockchain where new blocks are created each secound but rather a new, more scalable and more decentralized technology called DAG (directed acyclic graph).

DAG, directed acyclic graph, is a distributed-ledger technology that links transactions together directly without miners or blocks. - Obyte wiki

Why did I choose this project ?

The first time I heard about Obyte was when they released the Steem attestation, which allowed steemians to link their accounts with their Obyte addresses and as a reward, they would get a lot of bytes depending on their reputation with rewards up to $160. Byteball has come a long way since then. Now it's known as Obyte - a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform.

It's a pleasure really to help such an amazing project in any way possible. That's why I choose this project plus I'm a little bit familiar with this niche.

Contribution Specifications:

Continuing with the Obyte project, this contribution was dedicated to translating the Obyte bots. For this to be done properly, one should first have a good idea about the function of the bots. I already have the app installed for several months now which contains the different bots to be translated.

The different variables caused a lot of alignment issues but I managed to solve them using the left-to-right mark.

In some strings (like this one), I came across "BB address" I figured that this was changed to Obyte address but they forgot to change them in some strings so I translated them to "Obyte عنوان".

Contribution information:

The translation was done from English to Arabic and from 11/06/2019 to 11/06/2019

Total words = 1300

Untranslatable words and repeated strings ≈ 34

Final count ≈ 1266

Proof of Authorship

My translation activities can be viewed in my Crowdin profile: 

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Thank you for your contribution @fancybrothers

Strings that don't offer a clear context will always be very challenging to translate and understand. To some extent, the projects owners should be responsible and understand that strings that are fragmented in a very poor way will definitely affect the quality and end-result of the translation, especially that Crowdin offers many ways to make it easier for the POs to do that.

The translation contains some typos and some parts needed some style tweaking, but the overall work is really good as always.

Keep up the good work and thank you again for your contribution.

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Thank you for your review, @dr-frankenstein! Keep up the good work!

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