Arabic -Translation: Cordova - Part 6 (Approximately 1286 words)

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Crowdin link:

Arabic page:

Project details:

 “ Cordova or Apache Cordova is a framework used for native mobile applications development, it contains different APIs to facilitate the user's experience, but what's a native mobile app in the first place? Well, it can be regarded as a mobile app developed using only one mobile programming language using the very specific source code, for example, if we developed a native app that works on Android phones, we should write different code to have the same app working on iOS phones if you think about it. That's definitely wasted energy!

 One can say, why we should develop native apps in the first place? wouldn't be better to use hybrid applications that work on several systems and cross-platform? That's true if you want to develop quickly the app but in terms of performance, native apps are way better, faster, have more features, have better access to the device native functions and offer bigger freedom in the choice of commands. What Cordova offers you is a chance of getting those benefits of the native apps and at the same time not wasting your energy and time on writing new source codes if you desire to extend your app. To achieve this task, Cordova allows their users to develop mobile apps using web programming languages (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript). In Apache Cordova's official site, the overview states that this project is destined for people which are: ” 

  • - A mobile developer and want to extend an application across more than one platform, without having to re-implement it with each platform's language and tool set.
  • - A web developer and want to deploy a web app that's packaged for distribution in various app store portals.
  • - A mobile developer interested in mixing native application components with a WebView (special browser window) that can access device-level APIs, or if you want to develop a plugin interface between native and WebView components.

Why did I choose this project ?

“ Well for a couple of reasons, first and foremost is because I intend to develop my own mobile app in the future. Second, I wanted a long project to take my time working on it and not having to choose another one for a while and finally because the project is really helpful for many developers.”  

Contribution Specifications:

For this contribution, I started translating cordova-plugin-camera/ Before breaking down the translation itself, let's take a look at the new update of our glossary.

English العربية English العربية
Parameter(s) موسط - موسطات Artifact أدوات
واجهة برمجة التطبيق
Hook(s) رابط - روابط
Assets الوسائل Proxy البروكسي
Metadata بيانات وصفية Edit تصحيح
Modify تعديل Attribute ميزة
Widget الويدجت Access النفاذ
Wildcard حرف بدل Domain نطاق
Script برنامج نصي Module موديل
Emit بعث Stack المكدس
Configuration تشكيل Compile تصريف
Cross compile تصريف متقاطع Server سرفير
Shell صدفة Verbose مطنب
Environment Variable متغير البيئة Parse تحليل
Node عقدة Map to تعين إلى
Telemetry القياس عن بعد Default Value القيمة الافتراضية
Generate إحداث plugin(s) ملحق-ملحقات
Disable تعطيل element العناصر
Command-line-interface واجهة الأوامر النصية Remove إزالة
Delete حذف Download تنزيل
Upload رفع Document(s) مستند-مستندات
Default إفتراضي Pipe out إظهار
Subdirectory دليل فرعي Code شفرة
Source Code الشفرات الأساسية Overriding تجاوز
Tag وسم Release منشور
Patch رقعة Repository مستودع
Save حفظ Symlink (V) ربط
Scope (V) راقب Uninstall الغاء التثبيت
Hood الغطاء Fetch إخراج
ID معرف Developer مطور
Debug تنقيح Mode نمط
Root Directory دليل جذري Conflict تعارض
Symlink (N) وصلة رمزية Scope (N) مجال
Blanket(IT) بطانية Prompt محث
Feature خاصية Flag إشارة
Starting page صفحة البداية Define يعرف
Navigation تصفح Splash screen شاشة البداية
Icon(s) أيقونة - أيقونات Pixel(s) بكسل - بكسلات
Notation رمز Implementation تطبيق
Compile تحويل
الإطارات المتجانبة
سير العمل
Dialog box
مربع الحوار
رد الإتصال

Some strings that need special description :

String - I chose  the 'عنصر' for an object despite using the same word for element, this is due to the limitation of the Arabic language and because many computing projects are using the same word  (I welcome any better suggestion ). API is an abbreviation for application programming interface which is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software. For that, I chose the word 'واجهة برمجة التطبيق'. Also, I didn't translate the word ' image' on purpose to avoid repetition.

String -'Contributor workflow' is a guide for the developer, in this string, I've added إرشادات محددة بعنوان to make the sentence smoother and more understandable for the developer.

String -  I didn't translate 'Our wiki' because there's no equivalent Arabic word, you can find the word 'ويكي' used in Wikipedia official site, this is the main reason why I've decided to use it.

String - Committers is a unique word specific to the Cordova project, I didn't find it in previous projects, to understand its meaning we need first to comprehend the verb 'commit'. In this context, Commit doesn't mean doing something, in computer science, it means making of a set of tentative changes permanent, this is why I chose the word 'تضمين' in the glossary. So a committer is someone who does the 'commit' action, in this project a committer is defined  as follow:

The plain sense of the word "committer" is that you will have access rights to your project's repository to write (as well as read) the source. Rather than creating a patch and submitting it to be actively reviewed and then (hopefully) committed, you can now create a local patch and commit it yourself - or even review and commit patches created by others

In Arabic, a committer would mean 'مضمن', the problem is that this word is rarely used and probably will cause many confusions among readers so to avoid this from happening, I kept 'non-committers'  and 'Cordova committers' and added the Arabic translation between parenthesis.

String - As for "Callback":

Callback (also know as call-after function) is any executable code that is passed as an argument to other code that is expected to call back (execute) the argument at a given time.

Success callback is largely used in many programming languages (Mainly JavaScript), this is why I chose ' رد إتصال النجاح'. As for URI, it's actually an abbreviation of Uniform Resource Identifier this is why 'معرف الموارد الموحد' is the best alternative in Arabic.

String - In this context, typedef is a keyword used in C and C++ programming languages to create an alias name for another data type.

String - In this context, call is the action of transferring an execution to a different section of the code while saving the necessary information to allow execution to resume at the calling point  when the called section has completed execution. There's no specific translation in Arabic because the language itself is very immature in terms of computer science, the closest thing is 'نقل'.

String - An anchor is an HTML tag that identifies a link to text or an image on the same page or to another specific location. This is why I chose the word 'مربط', on the other hand 'رابط' refers more to a link or a hook

String - أذونات is the plural form of أذن (not a very common word among native Arabs ).  True and False are two possible outcomes of CameraUsesGeolocation, this is why I've added ''.. '' between each option to facilitate the reading for the user.

String - Also I chose "مراوغات" for "Quirks" because the word means "move or twist suddenly". I found that an old translator chose "استثناءات" but it's closer to "exceptions".

Contribution information:

The translation was done from English to Arabic and from 04/02/2019 to 10/02/2019

Total words = 1470

Untranslatable words and repeated strings ≈ 184

Final count ≈ 1286

Proof of Authorship

My translation activities can be viewed in my Crowdin profile: 

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