Translated 1,077 words from English to Tagalog for Phalcon Documentation- Part 4

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Project Details

Phalcon Documentation is an official Phalcon documentation website that allows the framework to always be memory resident, offering its functionality whenever its needed, without expensive file stats and file reads that traditional PHP frameworks employ.

It is also an open source full stack framework for PHP, written as a C-extension.
It is then optimized for high performance.

Links related to the translation

My Profile as a Translator
My activities on translation
Profile project Link
Github project repository link

Source Language


Translated Language

I have continue to translate it in Tagalog Language. This project has 224 767 words translatable words. and it is now 3% (8,972) words translated and 97% (215, 794) words waiting to be translated.

I have continued my tagalog translation for the string

Before translation:(0% - 61%)

After Translation:(62% - 100%)

after translation 100%.png

Number Of Words

Number of words translated on this contribution: 1,077 words


number of words #4.png

Note: Today I have contributed twice so the number of words for this contribution can be get by subtracting the total number of words for today's contribution which is 2,229 words - 1,152 words for my part 3 contribution which is equal to 1, 077 words.

Proofread Words

1, 077 words have already been proofread.


Before proofread:

before proofread.png

After proofread:

after proofread.png

My proof as a proofreader:

Previous translation on the same project

Number of words translated on the project before this report (if any): 3, 3450 words

Part 1 - 1192 words
Part 2 - 1106 words
Part 3 - 1152 words

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amazing ,,good job

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

Hi, you contribution cannot be approved because the chosen the project file you translated is too many untranslated words and strings.

In translation Rules:
(Text that is supposed to remain untranslated strings/text can't be included in the minimum amount of words.)

Please, make sure you read the rules very carefully before you contribute again, as all contribution rejections are now
indisputable and we don't allow users to correct their mistakes again. Thank You!

You can contact us on Discord.

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