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RE: Let's Talk About Steem Assistant

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Your contribution cannot be accepted yet.

  • It seems this is a quick update on the steem assistant project. However, we have strict rules on the content and formatting.

From the Utopian Rules:

You must provide an original and a unique editorial content of very high quality that is strongly related to the promotion and development of open-source related projects. Blogs must have a unique and consistent format.

  • Personal banners and any call to action on resteem/follow are not allowed.
  • There is no mention to github repository or chrome app store to get access Steem Assistant.

Instead of directly rejecting, I am pending this contribution. If you think you can fix these issues, please reply this comment once you're done. However, the first issue (detailed content/unique formatting) is very important and we're being stricter than ever.
You can contact us on Discord.


Due to restructure on Utopian -will happen soon- this post is rejected now. We can't wait for improvements at this time.

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