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The Curious Expedition's Github Repository

Project Details

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The Curious Expedition is a turn-based colonial-era exploration game set in the 19th century, in which you venture on unprecedented expeditions together with famous personalities to regions never explored before for fame, science and treasures.

It's a turn-based game of exploration and exploitation in which you control one of several historical characters, wandering the world in search of fame and fortune.

Contribution Specifications

The Curious Expedition is currently being translated into 19 languages. I contributed to making this game accessible to the Spanish speaking community online.

Translating The Curious Expedition has been a very interesting experience for me as a translator; one may think that games are much easier projects to translate than technical ones, but now that I had the opportunity to translate my first game I realized that working on the translation of a game is no different than working on any other project, as its text possesses words and terminology that need to be translated accordingly to the project's context, in the same way you would approach any technical project.

Games require translators to have the same level of seriousness and expertise just like any other technical project does, and that was one of the important things I learned while working on The Curious Expedition.

Translation Overview

I finished translating into Spanish all the text I was assigned to work on for The Curious Expedition, the total amount of words I was assigned to translate was 1000 - 1100.

Most of the translated strings have long sentences that describe parts of the story that is told in the game, as shown in the following images:

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TCE 4.png

TCE 5.png

TCE 6.png

TCE 7.png


The project's source language is English and it was translated into Spanish.

Besides collaborating as a translator for Open Source Projects on Crowdin I also work as a Freelance Translator for a law firm in the US, I've been working for that company for 7 months, translating sworn statements and legal documents from English to Spanish and viceversa.

Open Source Projects I've worked on and contributed as a translator:

1 . Verdaccio

2 . OroCRM

3 . BiglyBT

4 . The Curious Expedition.

Word Count

Number of words translated on this project: 1003.

Proof of Authorship

(Words translated on this contribution for The Curious Expedition)
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Links related to the translation:

The Curious Expedition on Crowdin:

The Curious Expedition's Translation Report:

My Crowdin Profile:

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nice post by you @elpoliglota . i have also posted my first dtube video on this platform..

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