TASK-GRAPHICS: Steemopoly Logo and Steemopoly Money Bill

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GITHUB: https://github.com/WhySoSeriousCreativeDepartment/STEEMOPOLY-GAME

As I said in my last post, I fixed some minor issues in the code and uploaded a new commit on the Github. Everything goes as planned, so now, I need some graphics. If you wish to check all the details about my project, please click on this link:
Steemopoly Game Big Update: Socket.io problem solved

If you don't care about the details and you want to stick only to this #task-graphics, check the 'Project Description' below.

Capture start.PNG

Project description

Steemopoly Game is a browser multiplayer game inspired by legendary Monopoly and Steem blockchain. It was entirely written in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. At this moment, the game is available only as a repository on Github and after this task request, I will upload it to the website with SteemConnect integration. I am about to develop a whole bundle of board games on the same website, but I started with something that reminds on Monopoly only because there is a sort of money included in the game.
My final goal is to create Steemopoly Money as a token on Steem blockchain that users will be able to use to play any of the future games in my project. One of the best things here is the chatroom that I have built for the players.
Steemopoly Game has 40 fields for now (like Monopoly) but I am already developing a new board with 60 fields and I am also thinking about some new rules that are totally different than Monopoly. If you want to check all about the rules and the gameplay, check the post that I linked above.


What do I need

In the mentioned post, I said that I will need some graphics for three things:

  • Steemopoly Game logo
  • Steemopoly Money bill
  • SVG board and avatars

But I decided to build SVG board and avatars by myself. I am still a noob and learning SVG vector drawing can be useful to me in the future, so I need only the SVG and PNG graphic design of Steemopoly Game logo and Steemopoly Money image.

Steemopoly Game logo

If you think that you can combine the Steem logo with the Monopoly logo to win the bounty, you're wrong. I don't want to see anything similar to the Monopoly, especially the guy with a hat and mustache.
So don't do this:


For the design of Steemopoly Game logo, just follow next guidelines:
  • I want a logo dominated by blue colors of Steem (not Steemit).
  • The formats of the image must be PNG and SVG (I need both) and the size between 600x600 and 1200x600 pixels.
  • The text of the logo must be 'STEEMOPOLY GAME'.

Check the image below only for inspiration:



Steemopoly Money design

I want a design of a BILL. The same image will be used as Steemopoly Money token logo in the future. I don't want it to look like Monopoly money. And I want a few variations. See the next guidelines:

  • I want 4 images (money bills) for 100, 250, 500 and 1000 Steemopoly Money.
  • That size of the bills must be 240x360 pixels and the formats must be PNG and SVG (I need both).
  • Use two blue colors from Steem logo (not Steemit logo).
  • No guy with mustache and hat.
  • The text on the bill should contain the value (100, 250, 500, and 1000) and 'STEEMOPOLY MONEY'.
  • Those four images should be slightly different, I will give freedom to the contributors to use their imagination and creativity.

Check the Monopoly money bill below, only for example:



All images have to be originals.

I will choose two winners whose images will be used in my project.

DEADLINE: December 6th, 2018, 12:00 PM UTC.

For all information,​ I can be found on utopian-io Discord server under name dumar022# 7081.

Thank you!!!

#whysoserious Creative Department

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This task request is now open for contributions.

Information for contributors:

  • Only post your design into comments. Only if your work is chosen by project owner or moderator, you may create official full contribution post. Please include link to all source files to your comment.
  • Please include SVG files for both logo and notes.
  • Every contributor is advised to contact @dumar022 (dumar022#7081 on Discord) to get feedback on your work.
  • The deadline to post to comments is from November 29th 00:00 UTC to December 6th 23:59:59 UTC.
  • Utopian may support the contributor whose design was chosen by the project owner and additional works if they are chossen by the moderators.

Information for the requester:

  • You may keep the post updated if you receive several similar questions. - - In that case, it is recommended to include a note when was the post last updated and highlight the section with the updates.
  • If you feel like any work you see can be improved, feel free to request additional changes.

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Thank you for your review, @andrejcibik! Keep up the good work!

Hello @dumar022 this is my proposal for your TR.
Changes can be made if you ask for it.

I made a sober and modern design.




So much glad to see this entry... Although I didn't ask for a board, I like it. One thing: Instead of STEEMOPOLY GAME on the money bill should be STEEMOPOLY MONEY. I like everything else very much. Give me two days to decide.

Ok, I will change the word "game" for "money" on the bills. No problem.

It seems like the only entry, but I am not sorry because it is simple as I wanted and I like it! :) write a post, winner

Thank you very much @dumar022 it is my pleasure to help you with your project. I wish you the best.

I will make my official post as soon as I can.

Sounds like fun! I'm going to give it a shot. How much is the bounty, or would it just be a Utopian upvote?

Thank you for the comment.
For now, it will be only utopian vote.
But soon, all contributors will be rewarded with some amount of Steemopoly money when we launch it as a token.

Hey, @dumar022!

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We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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Hello @dumar022
Although it is a little late, this is my proposal.