Steem White Paper Greek Translation Part 9 (+ 844 words)

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Steem White Paper on CrowdIn

Project Details

A White Paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Source

In this translation session I continued with the Steem White Paper. The majority of the strings was already translated, so I started reviewing the strings and correct anything that was/is not sitting well. In this session I started encountering untranslated strings, in addition to correcting the already translated ones. The translation level got to 98%


Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

Subject to @ruth-girl's proof-reading, this is the third part of the translation, and it brings the White Paper to around ~86% completion. Since there were already translated & approved strings, the percentage is a very rough estimate.

  • Languages

The project was translated from English to Greek. I'm a native Greek and because of my job (programmer) English is a "must learn" language.

  • In this session

In this session the Whitepaper was talking about how the Steem Blockchain guarantees the freedom of speech, even though content may get censored in a single website using the blockchain data, as well as how SBD can help merchants unlock a whole new market for their products if they decide to adopt SBD payments.

  • Word Count

Using my proprietary method of calculating translated words, I estimate that I have translated an extra of 844 words, to a total of ~10278 words (10819 words translated as Crowdin states on the report, minus a 5% for untranslated words, and because of the way I'm rounding, the numbers don't exactly add up).


Previous word count report:


Proof of Authorship


Thank you everyone for taking your time to read about my contribution. If you have any questions about the White Paper and the way the Steem Blockchain works, feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll try my best to answer you.

Big thanks to the @utopian-io and @davinci.witness teams for making this possible, and also to the rest of the people of the Greek Translation Team that I'm proud to be part of. Feel free to follow the rest of them to check their translations!




And last but not least @ruth-girl our Language Moderator!

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Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @dimitrisp!
This was your 15th contribution to the project and the 9th part for the Steem White Paper.

As I stated in your first post on the White Paper translation:
After completing the Steem Bluepaper, you have moved to the White Paper, a long and difficult text with complex meanings. Your task is a difficult one and requires concentration in order to provide a correct translation that won’t deviate from the original text.
When you started working on the project some strings were already translated but not approved, so you had to go through all the work previous translators had done before you, check it for errors and inaccuracies and fix them.

This difficult project is slowly coming to an end, I can tell it was a hard task that put a lot of strain on your brain; but hopefully it will all be over soon and we can be sure that the final result will be of very high quality. The only objection I can imagine a Greek speaker would have is to probably prefer the use of a different synonym (without a change in the meaning of course). The White Paper is a really special kind of text, with hard and complex syntax to follow, but you have managed to “decode” it very well!
This contribution was again very good, with accurate and proper language, without grammatical or spelling errors. I believe I am becoming boring by repeating the same things over and over again.

Your presentation post is also correct, follows the guidelines and contains your personal comments and views about the part you worked on.
Just a minor note: There was no github link for the White Paper, thus you didn’t use one.

Thanks again for working with us, @dimitrisp! It never gets uncomfortable working with you! :)

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This project has taken its toll. I'll never be the same man again. I'll wander the streets half-manned, forever.


Σε βλεπω στην Αριστοτελους να ταιζεις περιστερια και να τους πιανεις κουβεντα...


Θα παίζω και κιθάρα και θα μου ρίχνουν 2λεπτα οι περαστικοί;

Hey @dimitrisp
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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