Byteball Bots & Wiki New String Translation Finished (400 words)

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A while back, I translated the Byteball Bots from English to Greek. A few more strings were added in the past days so I translated them to make sure the project is 100% translated. I also finished the translation parts on the wiki that our ex-translator @rorogr had to do, but due to various reasons he never finished. This is a minor contribution on my part, perhaps the smallest so far.

Most of the strings on the Betting Bots project was about the World Community Grid, an IBM project dedicated to "searching the microscopic world for answers to our biggest problems", as the website states. HIV/AIDS, Zika Virus and other major problems could be solved by using your computer's free processing power.


(there is also a third one that I couldn't find the link to its github repository, named "betting-bot" on the project's CrowdIn page. Also, the wiki doesn't have a github repo link)

And finally, the project's CrowdIn pages

Byteball Betting Bots:

Byteball Wiki:

Project Details

Translating this project in Greek allows our fellow Greeks use the previously mentioned Byteball bots in their native tongue. It opens up a lot of possibilities for more cryptocurrency users.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

I translated these bots, because it seems unprofessional having the UI of Byteball in Greek, but the bots in Engish. Some words remained untranslated (for example "blockchain"), and some terms were simplified as there are no Greek words to show the meaning (for example maker-mode), in order to avoid confusion.

Running the wallet side-by-side with the CrowdIn project page, made it easy to complete this translation as quick and painless as possible.

  • Languages

The project was translated from English to Greek. I'm a native Greek and because of my job (programmer) English is a "must learn" language.

  • Word Count

The total words I translated on both the Bots & the Wiki projects is around 400 (411 minus a percentage for untranslated words)

Proof of Authorship

Per the new Utopian/Davinci guidelines I haven't added any screenshots.

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Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @dimitrisp!
With your 16th contribution the Byteball Bots and Wiki projects are considered completed.

As you’ve mentioned, the Byteball Bots part got updated with new strings and you got working on them right away. You also fixed some strings from the Byteball Wiki Wallet part. @rorogr was working on them and they were pending for approval as some corrections were needed.

There is nothing to comment on here. You knew the project, the language specifications and terminology needed. You did an excellent job again (not that I’d expect anything less from you). Accurate translation, correct language and correct string formatting is once again the case here.

Your contribution post contains all the basic information needed.

Thank you for always doing such a great job! I can see that translating has started to get us all tired, but our commitment and attention to detail has not been affected at all and this is praisable!
We value your presence in this team! Keep it up plus-brother! :D

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Θα πάω, θα πάω, αλλά όχι ακόμα xD (η τουλάχιστον, θέλω να πιστεύω πως θα πάω :P )

Hey @dimitrisp
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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