WITNESS UPDATE - 0.19.12 AppBase Upgrade

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we recently upgraded our witness to version 0.19.12 AppBase with dockerized version.

Unfortunately, we encountered some issues along the way. With this post we hope to give you useful information on how to fix eventual problems.

If you are upgrading your witness you might probably run into these errors

  • first issue:

    To solve this issue you must run before the command:

./run.sh remote_wallet

Reconnect with the remote wallet, but do it only if you have replayed the blockchain, and you aree synchronized. Afterwards, escape with ctrl+D and now you can connect to your local wallet with:

./run.sh wallet

  • Second issue:

Assert Exception:_network_broadcast_api: network_broadcast_api_plugin not enabled.

The output code in red highlights a wrong setting of the plugin. This is caused by a an error in your config.ini file.

If you try to broadcast a command from your wallet like a signing key you will see these green lines, but the command simulated an incorrect effect.

To solve this issue: open your config.ini file

comment this row:
#enable-plugin = witness

and add this row:
plugin = network_broadcast_api database_api condenser_api witness

Wrong version:

Right version:

be careful, just use the word: plugin

This problem made us waste a lot of time, that's why we want to share these fixes with you.

We would like to thank @timcliff and @drakos for their support in the steem.chat

votaXdavinci.witness.jpgCC0 Image - Creative Commons, thanks to @mrazura for ITASTEM logo.
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