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RE: Steem Analytics - Distribution of Earnings

are u optimistic about the future of steem?

I am, but it will take some time to get users back... hopefully we haven't missed our chance... it seems there are networks in place that can be jump started


I think that Steem is currently branching in different directions:

  • Content creation (blogging, videos, art)
  • Task-reward economy (Utopian, Oracle-D, Musing, Actifit)
  • Product / institution reviews
  • Discussion board?
  • Social network?

Each of those top 3 areas could succeed (I think task-reward is potentially the most interesting) but they all need some form of revenue model.

great summmary, ty ... what is Oracle-D?

It's here: @oracle-d

Bringing businesses to Steem who then leverage Steem's army of content creators and copywriters to produce material. Lots of Steem Power delegation. I need to read more around how they're getting on.

ty, i just got on board with them. have a good one !

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