Language change in communications officers logbook (expeditions with spyprobes)

in utopian-io •  11 months ago

Expected behavior

By sending a spy probe on expeditions you get additional information from the communications officers logbook. It should be written in the same language as playing

Actual behavior

However, the logbook entries usually appear in a different language.
I play the game in German and get an English logbook entry every now and then. This is obviously a bug.

How to reproduce

Since the translated messages are all in English, I would choose another language for the game before the expedition reports to the player. Over 50% of my expedition reports show this bug, so should already occur on the usual expedition flights of 2-3 fleets.

Since I play the game in German, the error occurred to me only in the German language, however, it should be checked whether the error also occurs in other languages.

Recording Of The Bug


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Half of Expedition Report is in English because there is no German translation of these messages..
Same to other languages Spanish/French/Polish etc.
I think it was better to show English messages rather than empty space.
SteemNova is in need of translations!


I could translate everything from english into german. That would not be a big deal

Hi @booster916 this contribution can not be verified as this is rather a cosmetic bug.

Thank you.


No problem. Thank you for reviewing ;-)