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Do you still use Netbeans 8?

Project Netbeans now held by the Apache Foundation. On December 27, 2018, they released Netbeans 10. What's new in Netbeans version 10? And how to install it? Let's discuss.

What's New in Netbeans 10?

Here is a list of the new features in Netbeans 10.

  • 1. Netbeans 10 now supports Java 11
  • 2. Netbeans 10 now supports PHP 7;
  • 3. JUnit into the library a built-in Netbans 10;
  • 4. As well as support for using Gradle.

Then how to install Netbeans 10?

First, Install JDK!

Before installing Netbeans, make sure you already install the JDK (Java Development Kit). The JDK contains the compiler, library, and tools needed for Java programming.

How to Install Netbeans on Linux (Ubuntu), simply type the following command:

sudo apt install openjdk-10-jdk

If the package openjdk-10-jdk is not available in the Linux version of Ubuntu that you use, try to install the old version.

sudo apt install openjdk-6-jdk
sudo apt install openjdk-7-jdk
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

However I would recommend using the latest version, so you can enjoy the latest features of Java.

Install Netbeans 10 on Linux

First we must download the Netbans 10 on its official website.


Download the binaries! After that, we will get a zip file that contains the binary of Netbeans 10. A binary File this can be directly executed. But before that, we have to extract them.


Please extract the files "incubating-netbeans-10.0-bin.zip" in the directory /home. I already provide a special directory where to save the application in the home ~/apps, so I will extract it to there.


Done! only that. Yes only that, Netbeans is now already installed. But, Each of us will open up Netbeans, we need to execute a binary file located in the bin/netbeans.


Try clicking 2x binary file netbeans.


Then will appear like this:


On the Dolphin—a file manager that I use in kubuntu—going out like that, because we open the binary file that is executable. If it does not appear, try checking in the properties, make sure there already given permission for executable.


Netbeans will open soon after we execute the binary file. This display of Netbeans when it was first opened:


The taste is somewhat a little troublesome, because we have to open netbeans from a binary file. I want to open from the menu or launcher. To do that, we have to add Netbeans to the menu. How?

Integrate Netbeans with Dekstop Linux

Any application icon in the launcher menu linux, actually from the file .desktop from the folder /usr/share/applications/ or /.local/share/applications/.

  • To add Netbeans to the menu, we must create the file .his desktop.

How, please create a file called netbeans.desktop in the directory ~/.local/share/applications/. We use nano.

  • Please type the following command:
nano ~/.local/share/applications/netbeans.desktop
  • Then paste the following code in it:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment[en_US]=Netbeans IDE
Comment=Netbeans IDE
GenericName[en_US]=Java IDE
GenericName=Java IDE
Name[en_US]=Netbeans 10.0
Name=Netbeans 10.0
  • Before saving, take note on:

This is the location of the binary netbeans installed on my computer. The location on your computer may differ, therefore please provide an address path accordingly.

To save, press "Ctrl+x" then answer "Yes" and finally press "Enter". Now try to open the launcher menu.


If the icon Netbeans does not appear, try changing the icon theme in your computer. I use the theme icon: the Papirus..


Trial Create Project Java

Netbeans already we install, but we haven't tried. To make sure if is installed correctly, let's try to create a project Java.

Please open Netbeans, then click the New Project icon.


If it appears like this


It means that Netbeans is not yet ready to make a project. Why can it be so? It could be the installation is not finished yet. There is still that need to be installed like some of the plugins and the configuration of the JDK.

Then click Next to continue. Later a window will appear like this:


Click Active, then the windows installation of the plugin nbjavac will come out.


Plubgin nbjavac is plugin javac (java compiler) for Netbeans. Then, click Next! It will appear like this:


Clik I Accept. Then clik Install.


Wait until the installation process is finished. After that click Finish.


Now close and reopen Netbeans! Then, click New Project. If it appears like this:


That means Netbeans can be used to create project Java. Just try it click Next, then we will be required to fill the name of the application that will be created.


So we have already managed to install Netbeans 10 on Linux.

I'm sure not all will run smoothly. If Netbeans still can not be used to create a project, try to check its configuration.

  • Go to menu Tool->Options. Then check, whether the configuration of the Java JDK is right or not.


  • Click on Manage to go into the settings of the JDK that is used.


Here you can add and remove the JDK that will be used in Netbeans.

Well that's tutorials how to install Netbeans 10 on Linux Ubuntu. :)


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