Dollar Street translation to pt_BR - Part 25 (1058 words)

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Project Details

Dollar Street is an innovative social project focused on show reliable data about families in different or similar levels of income around the world. They work taking photos of the family's home (objects, people, house, etc), process the data to get a income value and organize each home in a street where the poorest are in the left and the richest are in the right. This is an Award winning project that there's no strings attached to any government, religion or economy. It's a pleasure to me to help them to translate their material to my native language, since they rely on donations and volunteering work. My contributions follows their priorities. I wish this project touch people on the same way it touched me and make them contribute with good quality translations.

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Translated Language

Brazilian Portuguese - 129.976 words left.

Number Of Words

Number of words translated on this contribution: 1058

Proofread Words

I have proofreader status on my profile (like showed on the last image below).

Previous translation on the same project

Number of words translated on the project before this report: 26025



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