New feature: Complete UI/UX Makeover

in utopian-io •  8 months ago

New Features

Complete UI/UX Change

  • Added Datatables Instead Of Ordinary tables such that tables are now searchable and dynamically paged

  • Tables are now more mobile-optimized

  • All Pages have been redesigned from scratch to feature a better User Experience

  • The frontend Dependencies are more Stable now

  • Front Page

  • Result Page


  • Front Page

  • Result Page

How did you implement it/them?

I changed the dependencies from Material-Bootstrap to Simple Bootstrap to afford simplicity of frontend changes. For that, I had to redesign all pages from scratch. Also, I made use of Bootstrap Datatables that afforded the new tables the search-ability,responsiveness and dynamic paging.

Commit link: Commit
Website Link:

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Nice post sir

this is procedur of Complete UI/UX Makeover.......its really helpful to all..... it benefited us so far.....thanks for update.......redesinged it its very difficult and tough one that are done by you,,,,,its amazing.....really impressed.......thanks for your advise........


New view

You have the front page and result page mixed up


Thanks. Nerd


You're not welcome

Lonely nerd


Lol Ironic Nerd

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Hey I found some critical security issue related to your project which I documented here. Can you please take care of it? Thank you in advance & great job you did there :)

This is a great improvement, it looks far more aesthetic than the first version. great work bro, just keep them coming

Hey @akintunde I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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Hey, can you please enable issues for your project? This way people can communicate with you, report bugs, submit suggestions and so on...


Okay. I definitely will