Byteball Wiki translation to spanish [Main Page and Overview]

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Project Details

Byteball is an online wallet which offers plenty of innovative tools that are changing the way we make our transactions. Some examples worth noting are:

  • Smart contracts that depend on external variables to be finished,
  • The possibility of adding new pre-established functions (in a plug-in-esque way) through the use of the so called "chat bots",
  • The ability to bind information such as identity, age and email to a specific wallet,
  • Easy ways to start transactions through the use of links, specific strings of text or the platform's very own chat,
  • Many more!

These tools are opening plenty of oportunities to help solve financial problems in communities all over the world. This is truely one application to keep an eye on!

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

Some of these tools might seem daunting at first, which might prevent users from using them. That's why it's really important for this wallet to have a wiki that easily explains how they work for beginners, but still contains technical information for those who want to dig deeper. Today, I bring you a translation of said wiki, so that spanish users may have access to this useful opportunity too.

Specifically, the main page and a more in-depth overview of the platform were translated.

  • Languages

This contribution was translated to Spanish using English as the source language. My expertise in engineering, finances, and cryptocurrencies in both languages helped broadly in its completion.

I helped co-host the first "Byteball Use-a-thon" as I am part of the student council in the Simón Bolívar University. As a former user and promoter of the platform, I had the insight required to get the job done correctly.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that the aforementioned contest helped Byteball introduce itself in the spanish culture. Therefore, finishing the translation into said language was the logical next step forward.

  • Word Count

1-Main Page

Before - 0 words done

1-main page. 0-187.png

After - 187 words done

1-main page. 187-187.png


986 words done

2-overview 986 - 986.png

-Sadly, no before pic was taken for the "2-Overview" folder. Still, you may check through the reports tab that roughly 1173 words were translated.

Proof of Authorship

The next image proves the words where translated through my very own crowdin account (which has the same username as my steem account)
You may check this project activity following this link and clicking on the top members tab.
Also, I'll leave a link to my crowdin profile

Here is an additional screencap that was taken during the work process:
2-overview wip.PNG

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Where are the translation?


The translation was done using the crowdin translating-assisting-tool promoted by the devs. You may find those translations here
The strings have been translated and proofread but now they must be inserted into the wiki's source code by the devs.