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Since the launch of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, social media has been the most welcomed platform of this era. Before now, social media was a platform where people share their thoughts, meet new friends, and socialize. Social media creators have found a way to monetize their platforms by enabling ads to be promoted within their social media platforms. While these ads are gaining traffic and popularity to the platform, it can really be frustrating to most users. I believe if the users were gaining dividends from those ads, things would have been different.

Like me, many bloggers are struggling to find a better way to monetize their talents and creativity.

What if I tell you that you can earn extra income with all your social media activities by using Snax.

What is Snax?


Snax is a blockchain platform developed to reward users for their social activities. The reward is based on your social weight through content creation. What this means is that; the more weight your content has, the more reward you’ll gain. When you've successfully gained enough rewards, you can use it to initiate free micropayments. If you're a developer, you can use the Snax blockchain to develop social dApps.

Snax user interface and how I got started with the Snax platform:

The Snax user interface is one of the many reasons why I love it. If you've been following my articles, you'll know that I hardly review the user interface of any application except they are truly exceptional.


After gaining access to the Snax platform through its URL, I noticed that its landing page was different from all the social media platforms have used in the past. Most platforms I had used never had much information compared to the Snax platform. Honestly, with the information provided on the Snax landing page, I was able to know more about the platform itself. Another great thing about the landing page was its color combinations. Normally, I would have preferred a lighter theme to the dark blue theme used on the Snax platform, but since the information was written in white color, I had no choice than to embrace it.


After going through the information provided within the Snax homepage, I saw two buttons. One was meant for the new users, while the other was for existing users. Since I didn't have an existing account, I clicked on the button designed for the new users.


I was a bit disappointed after clicking on it because I discovered that I could not sign up until I install the required plugin from the chrome web store. So, what I did was to move to my PC and download the web plugin. After that, everything worked perfectly fine. After I launched the Snax platform after a successful download of the plugin, I was asked to create an account or if I had an existing account already. Since I didn't have, I clicked on the option designed for those who didn't have an existing account, and it requested for my password. Later, I got a message requesting that I should save the secret phrase to my wallet, which I did.

Apart from the two buttons that I saw, there were two other buttons at the top right corner of the home page labeled Twitter and steem. I didn't really know much about those buttons until I read that; the Snax platform’s aim is to reward users on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Steemit and Facebook. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the button labeled Twitter, and I saw a text field meant for searching a user’s handle, their attention rate, their positions, and a list of multiple users. I did the same with the button labeled steem, and I got the same results.



It was pretty cool because I got to know that the account with the name @acidyo was getting the highest rate of attention on the steem blockchain, likewise @realDonaldTrump on the Twitter platform.

Login into my wallet, and linking my steemit and twitter account to the Snax blockchain:

Login into my Snax wallet was the easiest tasks on the Snax blockchain. All that was requested was for me to input my password and the phrase, I had saved on a napkin. I did, and my wallet address was displayed. The next thing I did was to link my twitter and Steem accounts to the Snax blockchain. Though I was surprised when it requested that I should create a username for my Snax account, It was really a simple process. A confirmation post was required, which I did, and it detected the steemit post and the tweet automatically. I moved on to confirm my registration, and I got a hundred Snax token.

The wallet feature on the Snax platform:

By now, we already know what a wallet is and how it functions. The wallet integrated on the Snax blockchain is more like any other wallet. It is where all your Snax tokens are stored and where micropayments can be initiated. The wallet on Snax’s platform had four features displayed.


  1. Transaction,
  2. Received Snax tokens,
  3. Sent Snax tokens,
  4. Account.

One of the coolest features I enjoy within the Snax wallet is that; I can send Snax tokens to steemit, Twitter, and Snax users.


The Snax blockchain is a platform we ought to join. I believe we should be making a living from our PCs and our mobile devices as long as we subscribe to the Internet. Stop patronizing social media platforms without a reward mechanism and give the Snax platform a whirl today. Thank you.


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Thank you for your contribution. Snax is a cool project. It is nice to see it get some attention.

The Blog category is meant for people to share their experiences with open source projects. The content of this post is more of your sign up processes. It is important that you use a project very well before writing about it. I have read some of Snax's project reviews, and this is more of a repetition of the posts I read.

Further, the post would have benefited from one or two edit pass.

Before now, social media was a platform where people share their thoughts, meet new friends, and socialize.

The way you phrased that seems: sharing thoughts and meeting friends on social media is a thing of the past. I think it would be clearer by saying: Social media has been the medium for people to share their thoughts, and to meet new friends.

More issues are in the post. I advise you to pay more attention to issues like that.


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