DTrip: A decentralized ecosystem for travelers to earn while they display their extravagant lifestyle (Part 1)

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I have felt reluctant each time I pick up my pen to write a review on DTrip platform, for some reason, I believe it has to do with the fact that most of my blockchain activities are carried out on my mobile device rather than my personal computer.



DTrip mobile interface is frustrating in its designs and arrangements but I’m optimistic that changes are coming in subsequent updates.

Touring around the globe has become a common practice for people especially those who can afford the expensive lifestyle. We see lots of musicians going on tour for their music concerts, music promotion, and album launch.

DTrip platform is certainly not the first platform to adopt this idea, it might not be the best platform in the market for travelers, but it customizable nature being an open source platform proves that it is a welcome change.

Going on tour is the biggest dream of most people, but sometimes, their desired touring locations are too expensive to afford and this leads to the abandonment of such plans.

When I was younger, I had the zeal to visit different countries, but due to certain circumstances prior to the current exchange rates and the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies, I don't see a way for my touring desires to emerge.



DTrip platform is an open source social web client that is built on STEEM blockchain for travelers.

Before DTrip was created, sorting through traveling articles was done directly on the steem blockchain interface because they were no alternatives which had features just for travelers.

Travelers were required to add #travel as one of their tags for proper sorting, but now, that can be avoided.

DTrip platform has come to the aid of travelers with a platform designed solely for travelers to share their favorite locations and interact with one another.

The idea behind this platform is extremely cool because I believe travelers should be able to share their resources and locations with one another.

A lot of travelers have visited different locations in the world, the DTrip platform will create an atmosphere for different travelers to interact and share in their experience.

DTrip founder @avral in his words said he his trying to create a platform that is accessible to people just like in Couchsurfing platform.


Honestly, the UI of a platform affects the impression of users at first sight.

I am not impressed with DTrip’s user interface especially the mobile interface and I hope more enhancement will be seen In subsequent updates.

The mobile interface needs adjustment because most tabs are too big for my mobile screen. if I'm willing to take a screenshot of my blog post, that is without opening the post, this will be impossible except I'm willing to make two screenshots on one post because the post is too long to fit into one screenshot.




Being an open source web client built on STEEM blockchain, STEEMIANS can access this platform with their blockchain username and password.

Unlike steepshot which supports different login modes such as STEEM and GOLOS, DTrip is laced with only STEEM login mode and this is access through Steemconnect.

After a successful login, you’ll get access to feeds just like on steemit.com. A user can create a post, perform a search and check what’s hot and trending.

Prior to the fact that I have not traveled around the world, what I do on DTrip is simple. Every day, I glance through the platform in order to see what others are doing.

This has given me a lot of insights and knowledge in different locations and if I travel to France tomorrow, I know the spot for the best tequila.



Post editor is a necessary tool on all STEEM blockchain platforms. I don’t think I have come across any platform on STEEM blockchain without an editor. I'm sure the platform will be pointless post editor is omitted during development.

DTrip post editor is where you can initiate your post, it supports markdown options for formatting of text.

There is a feature which took me by surprise the first time I saw it, I didn’t expect DTrip to have steemworldmap on its platform, so I was surprised to see it.

Steemworldmap is a feature which makes it possible for users to pinpoint their locations.



In other platforms, you can see the amount of steem, steem power, and steem backed dollar in your wallet, but on DTrip, this is not possible because DTrip is designed to only display the amount of steem in your wallet.

The developers should add steem power and steem backed dollar because these features are necessary on any steem blockchain platform.

I don't think a day goes by that I don't check if I have received any reward from my friends.



This is the first part of my DTrip series, and I believe I have been able to convince my audience that the platform is worth whirling.

DTrip is decentralized, so regardless of its present state, more can be achieved.

I hope to be an active user on DTrip platform when I have enough funds to travel around the world.

If you are a traveler, I urge you to be a part of this platform for better interactions with other travelers. You stand to gain a lot from experienced travelers who have gone to several places in the world.


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Pictures from this article were taken from my smartphone and laptop, the one that was downloaded was properly sourced with link.
The article is written by me without any content copied


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Hello, @abasifreke!

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Once again, you created an interesting and detailed blog post that includes useful information about the project's features. The post also contains your personal knowledge, views and suggestions, and this is probably what I like the most about your work. You always add a personal touch to your reviews, making your posts fun to read. That was the case this time as well, and it goes without saying that I am satisfied with your work.

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading your contribution, even though there were issues of style. I look forward to reading the next part of this series.

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