AGI (Artificial General Inteligence) The Next Big Thing.

in #utopia3 years ago

Imagine being part of a world where everything you studied for everything you knew to be true and gave deep meaning to your life being automated and every tusk being performed by a super intelligent computer that knows no bundaries.

That is where the world is heading , not far of into the future we will see a massive disruption of the highest order .

some of the jobs likely to be affected first are mostly on manufacturing sector.

nowadays we have 3d printing ,if space x has started manufacturing rocket engines using this method then its obvious , and highly likely any other industry will be affected.

people like lawyers , drivers , teachers will loose their jobs , but that's just the tip of the ice bag.

This will either be a distopia or a Utopia moment for mankind whatever give meaning to our lives will be taken away by machines but there is nothing you can do about it.

people are predicting there will be a universal basic income .

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