Why I Delegated 100 SP to @steem-ua

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What is Steem UA?

Steem User Authority is an algorithm that can calculate your real-life influence on the Steem blockchain. It's a more advanced reputation metric to evaluate your content and engagement contribution.

So a spammer that spammed his way to a 70 rep is ranked lower than a genuine Steemian, with a rep of 45.

What's the big idea here?

This new UA is being used in conjunction with a high-powered upvote bot, that upvotes percentages are based on your UA score. This means active and genuine Steemians have an opportunity to have their hard work rewarded.

Why did I delegate?

I delegated to bring awareness to the initiative and to boost my account SP to help increase my voting influence. By delegating 100 SP, the @steem-ua bot will contribute 4 upvotes per week.

I want to support this project and to encourage SP contributions. This is a fantastic new way to more accurately measure the Steemian's contribution to the blockchain. Not just number of posts, but also quality of posts and comments.

Why should you delegate?

This is an opportunity to be rewarded for your TRUE reputation on this platform. By delegating as little as 25 SP, you will receive one upvote per week on your post. If you have a high AU score, this will be a generous upvote! (actual values pending). What an amazing reward for only 25 SP.

25 SP = 1 upvote per week
50 SP = 2 upvotes per week
100 SP = 4 upvotes per week
250 SP = 7 upvotes per week

The percentage upvote is not based on your delegation, only the number of upvotes per week.

How do I know my UA

Go to https://steem-ua.com and click "View your UA score" button. Steemconnect will come up and authorize your steem account. Then your UA score will appear.

@ironshield: Your ua score is 4.277 and you have a ua rank of 2427


This really is a no-brainer. Even if you are not a high-powered Steemian, if you've spent any amount of time here, you've probably gained enough SP to contribute at least 25 SP. If not, now is a great time to buy Steem and gaining an extra 25 SP won't break the bank. And that investment will pay back interest once every week, based on your UA score. Again... no brainer.

What do you think? Is this something worth investing in?

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Increasing my 50SP delegation is my next goal. Such a blessing really


It's pretty fantastic.

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howdy sir ironshield! yes sir I'm in this one as well and I think it has tremendous potential to help many people so great job of delegating!