USD Has Gone Full Potato

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Have you heard the latest from the largest, most ridiculous digital currency in the world using the token symbol USD? They have plans (I'm not making this up) to issue over half a trillion dollars between now and June 2020. Not only is their worker proposal system a joke with their insider bankster buddies and crony contractors getting first dibs at the cash, they are going to use the funds to buy up their own debt! In the whole cryptocurrency space, I've never seen something so blatantly against the interests of the token holders. None of the existing holders have any effective governance over what they do next. No DAC or DAO. It's all centrally planned behind closed doors. I hear they even have pieces of paper which are used to represent the digital currency, but they are in the process of phasing those out.

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I heard that instead of hardware wallets they use plastic cards engraved with the private keys and handle it to every merchant they do business with.

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Pure insanity. Who would ever trust a system like that and choose to pay for the security breeches, chargebacks, fraud, etc, etc. Talk about a shitcoin. Sheesh.

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Isnt there some kind of law how this things should be done .... usualy there are budget laws, fiscal laws etc .... couse this is a lot 500B .... :/

You must be new to how the country with the world reserve currency and the largest military industrial complex the world has ever known operates. They follow the golden rule. The one with the gold makes the rules (especially when they have aircraft carriers to back them up).

It's all quite ridiculous. This explains why the trade war with China is so intense. It's like putting a gun to your trading partners head and saying, "We're going to debase our currency, but we don't want to trade differently with us because of it."

The one with the gold makes the rules

That's why you should buy some of the gold and make your own rules ;)

The USD are thrown on the market without any foundation for that as the US economy just doesn't support such value. This will take US on a dangerous path and it might get their destruction and not be a world power anymore. The risk is quite high to play it like this, but Trump just doesn't care.

You are right in that the USD is far more digital than what many imagine.

What is money? We know that money is not a small sea shell, a notched
wooden stick, a metal coin, or even a printed piece of paper. We know
money isn’t any one of these things, because the notion of money has
survived the obsolescence of all of these things.
Common Cents -Tony Cerrato

Money is not a medium of exchange, it is a method of measuring commercial value.

that's cute but steem has had perpetual non-stop hyper-inflation from the start and no body seems to think that's an issue ... there's some really weird people here at first i thought it was me ...
but its not :)