[Crypto Report] 01:00 06 Aug 2019 / Trend of CoinMarketCap market

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[Table] Trend of CoinMarketCap market

NameVolatilityPrice 2 weeks agoCurrent price
XMR-3.0 %0.00822586 BTC0.007975 BTC
DCR-6.3 %0.00280734 BTC0.00263064 BTC
ETH-8.9 %0.02152 BTC0.01960252 BTC
QTUM-10.0 %0.00029018 BTC0.00026123 BTC
EOS-10.4 %0.00042139 BTC0.00037736 BTC
LTC-10.6 %0.00913279 BTC0.0081672 BTC
XRP-13.1 %0.00003127 BTC0.00002717 BTC
WAVES-13.8 %0.00013878 BTC0.00011964 BTC
ETC-14.2 %0.0006096 BTC0.00052327 BTC
ADA-15.2 %0.00000564 BTC0.00000478 BTC
XEM-15.8 %0.00000647 BTC0.00000545 BTC
DASH-16.0 %0.01108979 BTC0.00931287 BTC
OMG-17.4 %0.00015815 BTC0.00013058 BTC
XLM-19.1 %0.00000852 BTC0.00000689 BTC
ZEC-20.8 %0.0071499 BTC0.0056661 BTC
TRX-20.8 %0.00000245 BTC0.00000194 BTC
RVN-21.8 %0.00000458 BTC0.00000358 BTC
LSK-34.5 %0.00016558 BTC0.00010845 BTC


The below table is a list of the 'Upbit Exchanges' listed coins within the top 50 CoinMarketCap market.
All coins are categorized as 'bull(+) / bear(-) ', and you should pay particular attention to additional price drops when investing on bear trap coins.

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