Weed-Beauties - NYC-Style

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Even though I live in one of the harshest environments in the US as far as nature & sustainability go, it constantly amazes me how the natural world persists.

In every single nook & cranny that man has not yet paved over, it pops it's persistent & magical head out & shares it's beauty.

The weeds are of course the most persistent & unlike my indoor garden plant babies, these hardy varieties hold such vitality & strength I imagine in a crisis they would be the most nutrient - dense plants around, just from what they've had to survive.

When I'm out & about I notice & often grab a sample of said weed-beauties to remind me when inside, of what we're supposed to be surrounded by....

Below are:

Thistle, of which every single variety on earth is edible & which are high in nutrient value & very good for liver & detoxification (as long, of course, it's not grown right beside a huge black box containing rat poison, as this one had)

And Queen Ann's Lace, which belongs to the Carrot family (you can see it in their leaves). Queen Anne's Lace has been used for centuries to treat bladder and kidney conditions, among other ailments.

Of course, I'm not suggesting everyone run outside & eat the weeds growing on 42nd Street, as in such an environment, one does not know what has been sprayed or dumped on said bits of soil to kill any number of other vermin existing on this concrete island. However, if one is observant & has a keen eye....thee beauties do exist...all around



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Nice writeup
Keep it up.


Thanks qagiri :) (following)

Isn't thistle nice, love that little bulb vase!


It is & I'm kind of a 'jar - junkie' ....just love beautifully shaped glass jars of all shapes & sizes . I believe this glass one is an Orangina bottle (in case you want to find one for your own Thistle ) & the other little pottery one was probably a yard sake find :)

You have a great point about appreciating the edible weeds, even if they are from places where you wouldn't want to eat them. It's still an opportunity to get to know them well - what they look like, what kind of conditions they grow in, and to admire their beauty. Happy foraging!

Some plants are so tough and can really thrive in difficult conditions. Your point is a good one, about paying attention to the soil and what else is around where they are growing. That's true for rural and suburban areas, too, in addition to urban areas! Happy foraging!


Indeed it is! :) PS - Followed you fraging-trail