My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT B&W URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day #2 - Body control

Body control

Body control. That is what I could appreciate of this young man who practiced break dance in the center of the city of Caracas. A nice show to admire.


Camera: Coolpix Nikon P80.
Ubication: Caracas, Venezuela.


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Wow! Superb... :)

It makes it look incredibly easy😅

I really love it! But, I need a proof that this photograph is yours ... Otherwise it is not valid. Thank you

What do you need, friend? The original photo? Because I have seen many entries that do not comply with the paper and it is valid. So it confuses me a little. 😔😔

Everything is clearly explained in the 9 rules of my contest. Are validated entries that include some evidence (different ways), but then you give us nothing so the jury can not know if it's a picture of you... Do you have the photo not edited?

It's too late for day #2 of the contest but I invite you to participate in the remaining 5 days now that you know the rules =). I decide to still upvote your photo because it is incredible!

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super brutal!!!

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