Investing In People!

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Let me tell you how I plan to use my Steempower in a new way. You can believe me for me it is a new way for other it may be usual.
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Since the beginning, I was using my Steempower always to upvote manually. There was a time where I tried an automation tool for the sake of learning how it works. But I didn't feel comfortable with it. Also, I read a lot of posts preaching that we should upvote manually because only in that way it would be ethically right. I don't want to debate this question right now, but I also believed that its "good" to upvote manually and not with an automated tool.
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With that method its almost impossible to upvote every post you want and it would take a lot of time to go through your feed(depending on how much you folllow) to see the new content, read it and upvote it. Manually upvoting is in my opinion better when you are online, you see and read an interesting post and you give it an upvote. But you missed contributions which came earlier or will appear later.
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I was convinced that manually upvoting is the best way to go because I was only content focused. Yes, I believed that only the content counts. Let me say it directly: I don't think that anymore!
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Let me clarify what I exactly mean; Content is one of the most significant forces that drives that community and act as a magnet for other people. When a blogging platform don't have worthy content to consume why spending time on it? We need good content, and that should be rewarded. Content is one way we get in touch with new people here. The material on Steemit, Dtube, and Dlive matters a lot and should never be neglected when it comes to your decision what you want to upvote. Great content creators deserve to be rewarded.


During the time spent here, I got a new perspective regarding automatically upvoting people. Let me better say: People you already got to know, you already build some kind of connection.

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I plan to put more people on my upvoting list. The reason behind it is that I believe with that move I invest in people, ​not in the content.
Don't get me wrong, of course, the content is relevant but more important is the person behind that content. And this person should be empowered regardless if I like their content every time​. I see it that way.
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Empowering people I build already a connection to or better to say they with me by constantly​ engaging with me through comments. I already started with a few people, and I think its the right way, investing into the person which is well chosen. Many great content creators are trying to get noticed by meaningful comments. It doesn't mean that I agree with everything they write, but that should not be the primary decision criterion.

I don't want to make it too long. The quintessence is; I will put more people on my automated list because I believe they deserve it.


Read this carefully when you notice that you are one of them.
Don't think this will be forever! Don't take all upvotes for granted. Don't sit back and relax from now on. I don't commit myself to that. It can be that I change people based on my judgment. Keep that in mind, please. It's important! I hope with that to give my part to the community and helping other people here.

What do you say about automated upvoting tools?

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I've got quite some experience giving out automated upvotes and have made exactly the same switch of investing more in people who have a longer term mindset and care for Steemit instead of pure content some time back. (I actually switched from doing occasional manual upvotes to putting you on my auto-upvote list last month. (Here is the full list of people that have got you on their steemauto list )

What do you say about automated upvoting tools?
I can highly recommend It is not the most intuitive at first and you have to go to "fanbase" after loging in with steemconnect where you can add accounts to give them auto-upvotes. You can set the timing, voting % and the maximum daily upvotes (I would set that at 1). I used Steemvoter for a long time in the past but they did not allow to set a daily limit which often caused an issue when someone on my list highly increased their amount of posts. Steemvoter also charges a fee.

The way the Steemit Ecosystem works best is Whales supporting mainly Dolphins or accounts that have some SP and really aim to grow who in their turn support Minnows. The minnows can make a difference to the plankton while the plankton can support each other. Unfortunately few people seem to understand this and the balance has been somewhat broken since the rise of the bid bots which was the best way for whales to make short term profit. Since Whales started selling their votes, dolphins got less support which forced them to sell part of their own upvotes in order to pay for the whale votes they used to get which made it a lot harder for minnows to grow because the dolphin support dropped ....

I've experienced this myself and it can be quite frustrating to put a lot of time in creating my posts while also giving many support knowing that sitting back and just selling all my votes at times would have been more profitable.

It's really awesome that you are willing to use your Steem Power to support the community and it can bring about a ripple affect setting the balance back on steemit. It works quite inspiring also. I recently picked up up some support from @fulltimegeek and his "fulltime bot brigade" which really makes a difference and allowed me to increase my support to many minnows on my turn while keeping my motivation levels high.

Good Luck in the search what works best for you !

I completely agree on investing in people whom you have shared with and are familiar with their content. I personally have people who have been gracious enough to consider adding me into their auto voters and I feel really fortunate. I think it is a great way to express support though I do feel you should mix it up, both auto and manual work greatly together! On that note, I know I just discovered your page and most likely you haven't seen me around, however I believe my content speaks for itself so if you're looking for more add ons, I hereby submit my application to be on your list. I am a Daily Vlogger and Content Creator, doing approximately 30posts Weekly.

Great Stuff! Looking forward to More @modernpastor & Greetings from Kenya! Are you really a pastor,pastor? Or rather, what do you preach? :D


What an attractive comment ;)
Good job. I never saw you before but I am glad that you put yourself in front​ of me. You are on my radar now and will check out your page.


Literally Smiling. Thank you for the Feedback. Virtual Hug.

Well, automatic voting is good most especially when you are not always online for the people you believe deserve it, it is a choice to select people you think deem it fit and needed to be in your list and I like the way you put it that it won't be long forever so that people won't abuse it with less creative content like you have said good content interested you more. I can say the people on that list are lucky or their vigorous task creating good content and making honest comment pave way for opportunity to meet the luck on the way. Enjoy your day and I like your confidence doing this.


Thank you, my friend, for this comment :) Not only for that here. Every one of yours is special. Yes, for me it's important that people understand that it is not for granted that they stop working. That's​ why I mentioned it.


Yes, we are all special but our input on steemit also matter, in terms of finance, commitment and consistency; all of these matters.

Thanks for always trying to uphold and encourage quality and hard work as regards the growth of the platform. You are duly appreciated. Keep touching lives


Thanks for your kind comment :) I appreciate it :)

This has been my approach for a little while now and I'm happy with the results. People > Content - some might have an issue with that, but I'm just being honest.

In my head it works this way. I rather bend my ideals a bit, support the people that can be blessed by it(using @helpie), and then do my best to follow the votes and catch up on the content when I log back on.

So literally I look at voting histories, to see what I've voted on, or what helpie has (it has a big chunk of my sp).

My personal account is the one I use to interact, like at this moment, and do some manual voting with it as well.


This is also something I had in mind. I should consider this also.
I really appreciate your honesty. Keep it, my friend. :)

Personally I think they are very useful. They are a good tool for busy people who just don't have the extra spare time to upvote content automatically. However sometimes it is sad, when there are a lot of curation trails and nearly nobody reads your stories or make a comment. In other words, my stories are written to be read by someone. I don't like to write thousands of words who then won't get any interaction. I care about the rewards, as everyone here does, but for me it is important that my stories get out of the world.

Personally I think the bots and stuff are good, but on the other side I already noticed that the quality on the Steem Blockchain drops. In order to bring new and interesting personalities on this platform, we need good, high-quality articles who get to the trending page because they deserve it, not by some stupid-ass bot.


Exactly what I said!
I am with you. When no one reads our content it's not the goal of everyone. We want that people interact with our writings and interact. We need definitely quality content. Without that this platform can never succeed. But for that people need also a motivation. I appreciate your meaningful​ comment.


Schön übrigends zu lesen, dass du ein Fußballspieler aus Salzburg bist! :)

I think that this automation tool is used by a lot of people, I always heard about it and it made me curious, I installed it recently like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I am so happy because these days I have to be away from home almost every day and I am arriving late so at least I feel that I support my favorite people. (although my SP is currently little and does not affect much), but when one receives a vote of the people they appreciate are nice. Then I make my comments when I get home. I usually like to vote and comment because they are already people that I like and I like to read what they write.

As for your automation list, it would be an honor for you to include me. Once I think you included me but I imagine that since I can not publish every day I'm no longer :( I really felt lucky when you included me in. Thanks for that, the times I got a vote from you, I appreciated it a lot, because I told you, the dolphins and orca almost do not interact with the small fish and you are one of the few dolphins that do it! :)


Hey dear,

Its a great feeling knowing that you supported people you appreciate. :)
See it the same way.

As I said I try to respond every time but it's not working every time.

I totally understand all that you’re saying here and to be candid you’ve already started mahn.

The truth is commenting actually paves way for honest interpersonal relationships on this platform. Building a relationship, that’s all it takes. My Vlog commences today where i’ll discuss more on the magic of commenting on the growth of new users.

The usage of voting automation tool is some sort of support and help to the person more importantly if they add value to the community.

If only mre people would take these relationships as you have then the growth of this platform will be so rapid.

Thank you for your contribution to the growth of this place.


You definitely know what you are talking about my friend. I tasted it a lot of times already. I have to watch your​ vlog. You are on the right way 💪🏽


I made it already, but it just would not upload from my iPhone. I’ll switch to my pc in a bit. Thank you Bro

I agree with your perspective. I have also people that I follow and I don't particularily resonate with all of their posts, but I upvote the author. I upvote the man that I interact with almost daily and I like having him/ her as part of a community. On the auto voter topic I wrote a post a few weeks ago and I think that some users lower the quality of their posts once they see their posts constantly being upvoted. Manualy upvoting I see the best option and in some rare cases auto voter also. Your initiative is great by the way and luckily your not the only one.


Thanks for this great comment. Yes, I will do it the same way.
And I will also watch the author if there is a change in his attitude. We will see. :)

Even though I don‘t know if I am on that list or not yet, I am sure that constantly supporting people that you see valuable for the growth of this platform will have a positive impact longterm. And since you still can manually upvote as well, I think it is a great choice.



Ach Martin 😂

Noch nicht aufgefallen? Wobei du hast in letzter Zeit nicht so häufig gepostet wahrscheinlich liegt es daran 😁


Stimmt, war die letzte Woche eher inaktiv 😅Aber das ändert sich jetzt voraussichtlich wieder :)

Saisonvorbereitung ist halt sogar bei uns stressig :P

I agree with you @modernpastor,i did the same thing sometime ago. I started upvoting manually. You will be able to read great post on steemit before you give your vote but if you are very busy then its advisable you upvote automatically to be able to upvote your favourite post.


Thanks, ​sister. I am glad to read that you appreciate it :)

Investing in people rather than content

I support your concept of investing in people. Aside investing in people you are also building more of your steem power through curation reward if only you use the right time in placing them on your auto voting account


Thank you very much :)


You are welcome. Believe the family is doing well.

You see the idea of auto upvote has two dimensional effects. 1} it causes relaxation to those who takes things for granted, to those who just wanna post and earn but not add value. 2} As encouragement for the smart ones, as motivation for content creators.

Auto upvote is good but could be abused, but once those on it are worth it then you’re adding value to their lives. Well I can say I congratulate those that are or would be on the list. I congratulate myself with faith as a part of the beneficiaries, afterall nothing is impossible with faith.

You’re much appreciated about the new way to support others, blessed are those that gives for they shall receive in plenty folds. Keep steeming and touching lives

I have been taking a similar approach for a while now (sill manually) as I know there are some people who consistently produce good content. I find I just can't read them all, coment well, still produce and, reply to my own comments so, when I don't have time, I run through my feed and upvote unread.

This is the thing with some people though, I trust them enough that what I vote isn't likely trash since there isn't much trash in their blog roll. I also do this with some resteems when I know that the resteemer is picky.

Good choice mate.


Good to see you here.
You mentioned one point I forgot. It's impossible to read them all and then make a meaningful comment.

I think that I am doing the right thing with that. And also curious​ how this turns out.

Yeah.... I agree with you


Thanks 👍🏽

I was looking forward to this post! I was curious and intrigued how you were going to use your power in a different way! And to be honest, it is a great choice!

Let me explain why!
In order to grow ourselves the ones we are connected with should also grow! This is the easiest way for ourselves to grow! Lots of people do have trouble to understand this!
If a person, who does regularly upvote your posts, grow, their upvote value will grow too, so we will grow because their upvotes will have more value! Regardless if this person has more SP than we do, or less! So yes, investing in people here on the steem blockchain is important!
@costanza does use this and reviews his automated votes on a monthly basis. He goes over the blogs and increases, decreases or stops the automated upvotes. I do think that this the right way to do!

Concerning the automatic votes!
I do have a love/hate relation with them.
I do love them, because I am getting a few of these each post! How can I hate them then are you wondering?
Well that has to do with my own SP holdings. A full upvote of me is around $0.09. If I would use an automatic voting service, it would be hard to really support people. It would be a too big hassle to set the percentage in such a way, that everybody on one side gets an upvote which would surpass the dust threshold and still leaves me enough voting power on the other side to do some manual voting! So, I do assume that this gets more powerful and usable if you are having a decent amount of SP, which makes things a little bit easier!
I have been thinking about using this service, but the reasons above are holding me back!


Thats why i want to invite you to the @helpie Community... smile

Wenn Du mich auf Discord Addest erzähle ich Dir gern mehr darüber, für mich bist Du die perfekte Besetzung um in die HELPIE Community zu passen, Meno kennst Du ja auch schon "scheinbar" smile

Wird Zeit Dich dazu zu holen ;)

@modernpastor very amazing written.. I am agree with you that people are more important than content. Content also have his value but if we will invest in people then people will give us more. Investing more in people and more we get return. And about automated tools i think it can be used sometimes but normally we should use manually only. This is what my perspective. Again thank you for lovely blog.

I know people who delegate voice for other people. This leads to some results. First of all, helping other users you launch a "wave of good" or "art of reciprocity." A person who has received help has a desire to do the same for others. This is my subjective opinion, but I believe that it is the spread of mutual assistance that is what is missing on this platform.
The same can be said about automatic voting. Content is definitely of great importance. By supporting talented users, you give them an incentive to develop. Steemit is a family, and in the family, the main elements are active users. If they do not exist, then there will be nothing.

On your list or not I agree. I like to switch it on and off because people sometimes forget who you are.

Have a great day .. Keep playing your strongest game in and out of Steemit.


Nice comment! I like it. The strongest game in and out Steemit ;)
Appreciate that you agree with me.

Posts and thoughts like yours is what keep some people (especially minnows) to keep dreaming. Even a few cents at at time could make a big difference in certain occasions...
I'll definitely agree with you that automated votes isn't a bad thing as long as you are sure that you have interacted at least for a while with those who are on your "auto list"
Which brings us to the next stage, the one that I know I am not on your list since I added you today and we haven't interacted before... is not about the is your act that I admire the most.
Hope it brings the expected results!
Have a great day @modernpastor

I must say you are actually a great person... There are people on steemit who do good content with the aim of having good upvotes or atleast something they could use to keeo them going. With this way of investing in people, simeone out there would be encouraged. Lucky enough you might be helping a person in need. Great thinking @modernpastor... You made my day.. Permit me to call u a pastor...thumbs up

you are doing a great job sir...thank you very much


You worried me for a second in the beginning, I thought you were talking about automatically upvote random content, but you immediately showed me that you are better than that. I agree with your idea/plan, you can support people and at the same time you will be upvoting good content in the majority of the time, because those who are committed to increase the value of your posts on the comments, are also committed to grow in the platform with quality content.

Upvoting tools have some downsides, but if used like you plan to do, I think they have a greater/better impact to the growth of the community.

Hi @modernpastor,

First time commenting on one of your blogs.

I used to auto-upvote quite a bit using SteemDunk. LOVE SD!!! I chose authors who I had gotten to know personally via commenting and who created interesting content. And it didn't have to be all content I totally, 100% LOVED. I was supporting the authors more than the content, like what your post discusses.

Then I noticed that because I was auto-upvoting, I wasn't following through with going in to comment. And I wanted to get back in to a good commenting rhythm. So I paused the auto-upvoting for quite some time.

Now though, I'm in the second week of weaning myself off my Steemit addiction. I need to spend more time doing 'work'. So JUST yesterday, I went back in to SteemDunk and reorganized who I want to be auto-upvoting so that can go on while I'm off Steemit, then just catch up on commenting on auto-upvoted posts, in addition to manually meeting, greeting and supporting.

There are so many Steemians, especially newer, less established Steemians, who are so encouraged by just an occasional $0.03 vote. Then there are others whose food bill comes to $5 SBD for a week, like in Brazil and other third world countries.

Investing in people is what makes Steemit addictive to me and why I'm working more now so I can invest more dunsa (Jamaican term for money) in Steem over time. The higher my SP, the more I can continue to invest in my fellow Steemians, all over the world. And that last part... the 'all over the world'... is what is doubly exciting.

Frankly, there is also the matter of using the SP I have to earn more SP too. Yes, I'm focusing on earning more from work to invest in Steem, but what I have here must earn too. So some auto-votes also have to go to supporting accounts I know I'll be able to earn curation rewards.

Every month, I've been investing in leasing SP to increase voting power but that SP has to also earn so as to increase my owned SP too. Happily, auto-voting can take care of both responsibilities.... encouraging and investing in Steemians and also investing upvotes to earn curation rewards to grow my own stake in Steemit.

Thanks for who you are being on the platform, @modernpastor and for diligently looking for and revising ways to help Steemians as a way to grow lives and Steem/Steemit.

Also HUGE Congratzzz for hitting the Orca level. Very proud of you!!!! Of course, I can't wait to get there too. ;)

This comment was made from

Hello @moderer, it hurts that I found this post after the expiration; but I read everything and I agree with you about the automated voting tools. I used it and exactly like that, I value the content of the person according to what he has written in several publications and from there I add it to my Steemauto, my voting power is very small; but I'm working on that to help many. Thanks for your collaboration to the community.

I always asked myself if it is ethically correct to upvote others automatically. From this perspective this makes sense and is a good thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)