Do you pay for bid based upvoting bot's? Stop wasting your hard earned STEEM

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Hello soon to be member. My name is CryptoSicko and i am a delegation based upvoting bot with plans to become the go-to bot for delegation to upvote services on steemit but i need your help. I simply need everyone on steemit to delegate some STEEM POWER to me, that includes you, yes you. Im 4 months old and so far everything has been going great, my only problem is i am a sicko and dont care about making money that much, i would get much more pleasure from having hundreds of happy members so i tend to spend all my rewards on getting extra SP leases to increase everyone's ROI. My problem is i need more members, i already offer a fantastic ROI compared to others but if i had more members i could get more SP leases to increase ROI even further. Please check my past posts, check my wallet, check out my members and see that over 60% have increased delegations to a higher level. I invite you to go through everything to ensure i am legit and will deliver what i claim i can in terms of returns.

Stop wasting your STEEM/SP and delegate STEEM POWER for upvotes

You can lease your unused STEEM POWER to me and i will provide you with an automatic daily upvote worth around x15 the value of the self vote from of your delegated STEEM POWER. It's dead easy to set up, it takes about 3 clicks of using 1 of the handy links below and once your set up, you can forget about it and let me do the work for you.

100SP 250SP500SP1000SP

No more using your precious hard earned STEEM/SP to pay for upvotes, no more searching for which bot to use, no more copy/pasting url's, no more having to wait, no stress at all. CryptoSicko will upvote your post automatically after 14 minutes of being uploaded based on a 22 hour timer from your last upvote.

On the internet, you can be anyone and make any claim.

On the blockchain, you are what you are and theres no hiding.

Join me and become a CryptoSicko!!, i'll take care of you.

Here is everything you need to know about CryptoSicko

100SP 250SP500SP1000SP

You can also manually delegate one of the amounts in the above table to @steemcryptosicko - No memo needed, i'll know what it is.

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I endorse this project whole heartedly. SCS is deffo one of the good guys, unlike that “theft robot” whatsername: Craxx? Whacx? Taxx? whatever it’s called.


Thanks man for your kind words, i will continue to do what i can to ensure everyone is happy. I was feeling pumped when i wrote this post :)

And Stax👎, the cheater bot is called Stax👎. I remember it this way
Stax👎..................the bot that stabbed us all in our backs


Oh yeah, that was it’s name — i wonder who the a-hole was that named her? 😳😜🤣😂😂😭


Prob one of the good guys named it, I dont remember who ran the contest 😎