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New posts with higher profits call much more attention than any other old post or comment. You can use minnowhelper and other Bots to join the Hot or Trending list.


The @minnowhelper service is designed to give serious bloggers real help in entering the Hot and Trending lists. It is a sophisticated marketing service that will increase your profits if you use it correctly in new publications.

You want to attract more voters, so do a great job on your blog and an audience will follow.

Minnowhelper will be here when you need it.

Please note before using Minnowhelper

Your Bid is less than the minimum of 0.100 SBD. Your bid will not be refunded.

You sent Steem instead of SBD. Your bid will not be refunded.

The URL must be correctly expressed in the memo alone. Malformed memos will not be refunded.

Your post was already voted. Your bid will not be refunded.

If your publication is older than 5 days (7200 minutes). You may not have read this article or you have not understood it. And your bid will not be refunded.

Please read the following posts.

  • Analyze minnowhelper bids and place the smartest bid!!!
  • Minnowhelper Technical support

  • Happy Bidding & Have fun!
    The @minnowhelper team.

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    Do you only accept SBD? I sent 1.5 Steem and my post link as a memo a few hours ago and didnt receive a vote. Just wondering if it got lost or if you didnt accept it....just let me know, thanks


    Dear @supremenyc,
    You must be aware that when using any service you must know the conditions of use. Before sending money, be sure that you are doing it correctly. Otherwise you are in danger of losing your money. (This advice I give it for any investment you make, not just robots in Steemit).

    Each Robot on or works differently and has different conditions. If you want to pay Steem use a robot that accepts Steem. @minnowhelper Works only with SBD and does not accept Steem.
    This information can be read in almost every Post of minnowhelper, even in this Post.

    For more information, contact me on the Slack channel (
    Since I do not always read the comments of the Articles.

    best regards


    sent you 0.3 sbd and 30 minutes back,when uupvotes were made,I got nothing. My upvote would have to be around 0.7 sbd as I checked

    I sent 0.5 Sbd and my post link as a memo a few hours ago and didnt receive a vote. Just wondering if it got lost or if you didnt accept it....just let me know, thanks

    1 hours ago Transfer 0.01 SBD to minnowhelper


    do you have read this post?


    8 days ago Transfer 0.010 SBD

    Latest Crypto bitcoin News 29-Oct-17 hindi, Samsung Old phone use mining rig, Japan, South Korea, UK

    Seeing this for the first time. I will try it with my next post. Thanks for sharing this

    0.8 sbd sent no vote refund please or update your bot config to do that it seems like your bot is missing a lot of bids

    I have used your service and it sometimes makes people stop and read my posts and sometimes not, thank you for this service and hope it will continue and grow.

    Calling @originalworks :)
    img credz:
    Nice, you got a 8.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @eutectico
    Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!


    The @OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by @minnowhelper to be original material and upvoted it!

    To call @OriginalWorks, simply reply to any post with @originalworks or !originalworks in your message!
    For more information, Click Here!
    Special thanks to @reggaemuffin for being a supporter! Vote him as a witness to help make Steemit a better place!

    hey i send you 1 sbd and nothing


    sorry, but you did not send 1 SBD, you sent 1 STEEM.

    The robot does not work with Steem, works with SBD. Please read this post.

    I sent 0.5 Sbd and my post link as a memo a few hours ago and didnt receive a vote. Just wondering if it got lost or if you didnt accept it....just let me know, thanks

    This post has received a 6.71 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @eutectico.

    Hello @minoowhelper i send you 0.100 sbd 2 hour ago but upvote not recive .. i send after some some persons send you they recive your upvote but I am not recive plez check


    The robot does its voting every 144 minutes (~3 hours), because lately the steemit nodes are offline may take a little longer. so be patient.

    @minoowhelper is one of the froud bot....


    Dear @anandjadhao,
    Tell me which of your publications did not receive their vote? I have checked your last transfers and they have already been voted on.
    please read the following post.

    If you believe that @minnowhelper Scam their users, please do not use their services. There are other users who read the instructions for use and appreciate our services.

    best regards

    Minnowhelper Team