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RE: Steem Power Delegation has become too expensive

in #upvote3 years ago

Hello @upvotewhale, i sent 0.5 sbd but i got 0.539 sbd worth upvote only I am disappointed if i did anything wrong? if it is, excuse me, give me more value. I am expecting.


Hello Kunani,
Apologies but my 100% upvote was 0.539 SBD at the time. YOu sent too much. Max send is 0.2 SBD currently. Please do not send more.
Provided refund of 0.3 SBD.

Kind Regards UpvoteWhale.

Thank you! I am very glad and proud of your honesty. But you have sent 0.4 SBD instead of 0.3 SBD. I will transfer back 0.1 SBD.