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Hello my friends

Recently, I received the bid cost for replies. Unfortunately I have to send back them. It will not be fully provided when I use my trail. In some cases I did not notice that it was a reply, and when i offer upvote i have not seen the other upvote accounts same.

Below I will list some things in my upvote service, It are small upvotes and aims to serve the Planktons.

  1. Bid cost max = min = 0.02SBD or STEEM for value upvote is $ 0.05.
  2. Service only provided for post, not for reply. Complaints are not resolved if memo is the link of a reply. < I usually post it again but maybe I'm wrong >.
  3. The service is available for up to 3 posts / 1 user / 24 hours.
  4. You get free upvote when submitting posts to protect human rights, the environment and anti-war. Please send link in memo at cost 0.001STEEM, I would know it is a link related to these issues and read it carefully. This link can be upvote 100% of my strength.
  5. You get a random upvote of $0.04 at follow @haccolong. If you first follow, the minimum is $0.06. Please do not try to follow and follow back, it is always reported on Discord.

I wish you a wonderful day and soon become Minnow or bigger because Steem are priced below expectations. :)



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