Upvotable #8: Parenting, Homesteading, and a Sketch of Me!

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Where can we collaborate to make a great reading list each day with different authors? What are the most upvotable posts today? How do we help our most underpaid authors earn their value to us? This 8th upvotable post is the best answer I have today for these questions. I believe the more we help each other earn enough from Steemit to make it a priority, the greater rewards we receive in exchange for our time on Steemit!

My vision for these upvotable posts is to help us all discover the authors we will love to read for years and help new authors on Steemit make a high enough income to make Steemit a priority as we have done for me and thousands of others already.

Would you please join me in reading the posts here because we collaborated on this together at https://steemit.com/curation/@jerrybanfield/upvotable-7-busy-org-eating-vegan-and-poetry with me delaying publication until today because of traveling? If you are interested in sharing your own post or sharing someone else's content with everyone, would you please read the the criteria at the end and post your comment below?

@aarellanes I appreciate you taking the time and effort that you put into creating this list for myself and everyone else to read because without you taking the time to check all the comments and all the posts and write the draft for this and send the SBD this would not be happening.

Would you like to be included in our reading list in our next "Upvotable Post Series" post? If so, would you please submit the posts you think I need to read in the comments below because this is how we make these each day?

  1. Earn 10 SBD as a finder fee paid by me via @aarellanes if you share a post by another author! You are also welcome to submit your own posts but do not earn any finder fee! Use the tag upvotable on any post you would like to submit without making a comment here!
  2. The voting deadline is 7 days from posting meaning that newer posts that are really worth the read with smaller rewards are best because these will help the authors most with our upvotes! Please do not include any "IntroduceYourself" posts because we want to help promote Steemit authors that have already made it past an introduction and are repeatedly taking their time and energy to help us here.
  3. If your post is accepted by the reviewer @aarellanes we will both upvote it 100% and I will also follow you to see your posts in my feed! My upvote is currently worth about $5 to $10 while the upvotes of your fellow readers could easily add up to over $100.
  4. Each day as long as you think this is a worthwhile use of our time, we will keep doing another post like this! I appreciate you encouraging me in the comments to keep doing these! If you want to reach me in the comments, I recommend doing it on my non upvotable posts because Albert goes through the comments on these posts.

Would you please upvote this if you would like to keep reading these each day because the SBD rewards are funded by upvotes on this post?

Jerry Banfield

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You are such a kind genuine person Jerry - It is so nice of you to notice the hard work that others put into their work. I just visited each of the posts you pulled forward and they are all great posts. Kristin, It is so very important that you love your childrens friends ... the trust you build with them goes a long way - you never know what there life is like in there home, who knows, they may need a wonderful person like you to talk with sometimes.

Homesteading is the way to go!!! That Dervaes Family Yard is absolutely amazing - I envy them :) He is right, the Homegrown Revolution video on YouTube is a must see.

Annesaya - Your poem is beautiful - My eyes teared up while reading the words of this peom. You are very very talented - you should be proud of yourself. I followed you because after reading that, I look forward to reading more.

leafhopperfarm I love the idea of the portable pen - great way to keep the soul rotated :) That is a lot of chickens you will be raising - I only hope that someday, I can even have one - In our city, you cannot have them in your yards. Keep up the GREAT work - keep us updated on the chickens progress and if the only black grows to be what you thought it would be.

reyhaynes, I took me a minute to realize that those are cats in the picture, so cute :) I am also a newby but and I also am discouraged when I get none to very few upvotes :( My $1.34 that I have in my steemit wallet is not enough to buy a darn thing - but you know what, I am having so much fun and I am excited each day to see what I can find new on Steemit -I have confidence that you will be a real pro soon.

Aircoin - I am new to Steemit so I cannot comment on what used to be - I only know that I could not agree more with you on posts getting missed - I cannot believe the amount of posts I have missed - I refresh my email and up pops 10 more new ones...GRRRR I missed another one :( I am going to commit to not refreshing until I read the ones I have in front of me :)

Clunky, That is an awesome sketch - looks just like the Jerry we see on his videos - you are quite talented :) I envy you as I always wished I could draw/sketch - I just don't have that talent! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

masteranibal, you hit the nail on the head!!! Time flys when you are having FUN!!! In the line of business that I am in, an hour will fly by like it was only 5 minutes - what, what time is it!!!!! Its kind of like Steemit for me, I start on one task..I never stop the task until I am done..refresh the emails and up pop 10 more work emails...I just finished that file, its back in front of me again because the person I just emailed responded way to quick :) I love your post, efficiency is key.

aarellanes, oh aarellanes..I know just the post he is talking about..those sweet potatoes!!! I upvoted this post as the photo looked incredible..I had not eaten yet :) I follow you and I am happy when I see your posts!!!

Thank you everyone for bringing smiles to my fact - I am commited to doing my best to read all the posts in front of me and not refreshing until I do - every post is AWESOME just like each of you :) I love you all my Steemit Friends - SUNSHINE247


Love the thought you put into your comment and am grateful for the chance to help you double your wallet with this upvote! Thank you for resteeming my Awaken The Giant post!


hey @jerrybanfield when you have a free time could you please have a look at my most recent post I Really think it could interested on it

Just wanna tank you once more, If wasn't for your youtube 1 hour Advertising video I wouldn't be here today I truly own you a big one !


My pleasure!!! I absolutely love your posts :) Have a GREAT Sunday my Steemit Friend - SUNSHINE247


Thank you so much for such a long an thought out comment @sunshine247!!! :D


My pleasure Friend!! SUNSHINE247

Great post, @jerrybanfield!
Would you consider having a look at my most recent post? https://steemit.com/life/@fisch/there-and-back-again-my-experience-with-dmt
In it, I share experiences from a journey many are not willing to travel exactly the same way I went about. Though lots of folks will likely enjoy a read about it. It's become a hot topic recently.


jerry hard work is paying out



Thank you so much for this incredible encouragement. It really caught me by surprise and I am very grateful for your kindness. : )


You're welcome thank you for saying so here in the comments!


Girl, you deserved it -I am glad that Jerry brought your post forward for all of us to read and appreciate - I am just so sorry that it slipped by me in the first place. I love you Steemit Friend..SUNSHINE247


That's so sweet. That really means alot. Thank you


You deserve it - I am so mad that the posts just fly by us all, I am reflecting on this tonight and I have committed to reading every post that shows up when I refresh prior to refreshing again. I get so much from the posts and I know how important it is for the person posting to get the love too. Everyone puts so much into their posts and its annoying that only the top few get any love. I love you my steemit friend!!! SUNSHINE247

Hi @jerrybanfield

I really like this idea and would love to be involved in one of these posts! I have upvoted this post to my max and am looking forward to continuing to learn with you here on Steemit!

Hey @jerrybanfield I have a Steemit tip for you.

I noticed your image at the top of the post was nearly 1mb in filesize, 700kb to be precise. That is way too large for a web page and makes the page load slower.

If you run it through http://tinypng.com you can reduce the file size by losslessly compressing it 70% down to 199kb which is still too large imho as I aim for anything under 100kb but still a big improvement. Also it is 1680px wide which is maybe wide than necessary for Steemit? You could resize down a little potentially also to improve the file size two fold.

This makes a big difference when your post has lots of images! Hope that helps.

Keep up the good work @Jerrybanfield, thank you! If you guys check out my post for feedback I will greatly appreciate it . I have put in a lot of time on it :) https://steemit.com/travel/@generation/plovdiv-europe-s-oldest-inhabited-city-with-8-000-years-of-history

I put over 8 hours of work into this article about VR, AR and MR. Got only 13 views and 4 upvotes... :(

Oh, and I created a little plugin to show your Steemit blog on your website.

I always upvote my mannnn @jerrybanfield, the content is always BEAST!! :)

These posts are vital to growing the community I hope you keep making them! @jerrybanfield please take a moment to look over this post. I spent days creating it. I am trying to not just show my talents but share and teach, but I need support in order to have a reason to continue! give it a look you wont be disappointed!
https://steemit.com/art/@barrysamways/step-by-step-how-to-draw-chance-the-rapper #teamjerry

Whether you believe in technical analysis or not. I think your readers should know that a typical wave pattern has been formed and a bulltrap is no longer possible, meaning that BTC is going through the roof soon! Other currencies will probably follow.

thank you so much @jerrybanfield! <3 :-)

thx for sharing

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Thanks for sharing.


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@jerrybanfield Please Have a look at my Post. Very honestly written and worked hard to write this. Please appreciate it : https://steemit.com/life/@vikbuddy/life-lessons-to-learn-from-a-tree


Sorry @vikbuddy it was too late for us to include :(

You're just amazing Jerry. I've been following you for a really long time. And I know that you're the guy who have taught me a million things on internet. I just hop you stay happy alive and healthy. And I keep on seeing you smiling the way you're smiling now.
Even if I don't get any upvotes on this comment, it doesn't matter because it's not for the upvotes at all.
THANK YOU SO MUCH @jerrybanfield

Thank you for sharing your experience @jerrybanfield

The University of Jerry Banfield love it.

Please checkout beautiful poem on mother by @vikbuddy. It's worth reading.

Legend says the man himself will upvote this comment.

Sir @jerrybanifield i saw your video on fb about steemit and on same day i created a account here
Sir please help me i need only 0.1 SBD please help me sir . I tried to give you back this steem very soon . It was very urgent please help me
I really thankfull to you sir please help me

This coolest post
Thank you for the info in how to use steemit @jerrybanfield

Hey jerry I wrote this post to help new Steemit users stay off the blacklist. Steemit is such an engaging and responsible platform that I wanted everyone to have a chance on here by starting off on the right foot. The only thing I regret was not putting the Steem logo on the first pic, but it has helped many who have read it and I believe it could have the capacity help many more!


interesting way of writing an article. ;) Your articles are too good. man

Hmmm nice genius Jerry ,@sharoon liked your idea

Very interesting post and at the same time I am watching some of your videos in youtube.

Bonjour je me présente zeryius je suis sur steemit depuis peu de temps j'aimerais bien que jette un coup d'oeil sur mon blog @zeryius s'il vous plaît merci .

Et sur ce poste https://steemit.com/fr/@zeryius/pourquoi-vous-devez-etre-passien-2017721t95359926z

Merci Cordialement

Anything you could ever need to know about healthy eating

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

Hi @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes , I found a greAt advice from new user. I hope even it is not featured, people will read this post. ^_^


I actually like this idea. Kind of a mixture of Steemit with BAT. I guess we don't know how Synereo's Wildspark is going to contend, promising continuous passive income for content creators. Just a thought!


Thanks Jerry! I wrote a post earlier today that I think you might enjoy about my experiences learning to trade and how it lead me towards a journey of learning about myself. https://steemit.com/crytocurrency/@rawpride/trading-is-as-much-about-learning-yourself-as-it-is-about-learning-the-market

When this post was marked as 'posted 3 minutes ago' it had a pending payout of ~$3.24 Dollars.
After filming an ongoing thunderstorm at 3am (where I am) for 20 minutes this post reached 70USD.
Glad to see 210 people supporting this after only 20minutes! That's amazing and makes me happy, hope jerry is too :).
By the way thank you so much for adding me on the list :).

This is absolutely amazing that you have co-created this. Such a beautiful idea and people like you will keep Steemit alive and thriving ! Thank you thank you thank you ~~!

peace & love

Thanks for sharing this ...

Follow @steemupvotes

Dear Jerry,

I am one of your fan. first of all thanks for your nice videos and efforts.
I really appreciate your reply on my post to tell me the real value of steem. I want to invest very much on steem, but with this business plan I am sure it fails in future.


Thanks a lot.

Jerry Banfield you are doing great and earning well.

i would like to get a steemit meeting group started in Sydney Australia and i made this post https://steemit.com/competition/@daydreams4rock/1111-followers-celebration-competition not many people saw it and i would hope if you posted it that many people might start local groups meeting up from steemit - love n light -David



Please DO NOT Spam your link everywhere


sorry am new and i think it's okay

I have done upvote/ comment & follow to all above post given by you. Thanks for helping other jerry great job. Keep it up.

Dear Jerry, please see my sister's latest post in Art. This is a write up of how she did her latest drawing contest entry. She is a prolific writer and an excellent artist. It is really worth you time. https://steemit.com/art/@erangvee/drawing-the-tardis-and-a-dalek-or-doctor-who


I would also like to share how I saved on making my family's constume for a party here- Nifty or Thrifty: What Kind of a Mommy are you? - Part 4

Hi Jerry. I've commented on you post before & upvoted many of them. I mentioned you in this blog post - https://steemit.com/life/@joedirt/25-days-of-progress I joined Steemit through one of you videos. I wish you well.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Cool post as always!

Hi, Sir @jerrybanfield you are doing a great job. You already promoting steemit from your pocket to engage more people this work is great your couraging people to create quality content and supporting them.
Here Goes My Post I hope you will check it.



very long and interesting. Author rep. is 46 and it was submitted 8hrs ago.

Great stuff, happy you are continuing with this.
Here is a highlights list of a dozen great posts!


I really appritiate you are sharing this Jerry there aren't many steemians who are supporting new members posts and hard work, since new members have low rep, it is most likely that they will become unnoticeable for along period and feel discourage to keep posting and collaboration with the community.

I think that steemit users should encourage hard work and good quality, and teach new users, this is a social media after all. With people don't socialize out of their comfort zone it takes that away.

And also for all the new users who are potentials investors and witnesses. #yunk

Hi, tnx for picking me but my nickname is spelt wrong, first letter is not i but l for lann. XD

Nice post and great writing skills ! @jerrybanfield ! would you check my latest post : https://steemit.com/steemit/@odigetti/stop-being-selfish-for-newbies-and-whales

Great idea to help out new authors.
I'm still quite new to steemit and i've been following you for the last few weeks now. What a great job you're doing for the community,by encouraging newbies to participate in different activities.Your always posting important news and helpful information. Your dedication is quite incredible and your an inspiration to everyone.

Really appreciate all you do and for picking my post. Totally didn't see that coming at all. Love that you are out there searching for well written content worth upvoting!

Thank you for your kind heart and may God bless you, waiting for your next blog, all the best brother.

Hey Jerry, i only meet you on Youtube and subscribed. On steemit you are even better! Nice to find you again :-)

I´d like to nominate one of mine: I think this is an idea that everyone on Steemit.com should consider doing, make your own library post of good content on steemit. All too often older content is forgotten because it is not upvoteable and it disappears in the feed.
Upvoting is not curation! So I want to manually solve curation for my own purposes...

I give 2 prizes of 3 SBD to 1 commenter who recommended good authors or posts! And 1 prize to an orginal re-steemer!

My own post, an in-depth analysis of darknet market busts https://steemit.com/news/@m1r0/how-police-killed-the-internet-drug-trade

hi this @talhasharif i am new here...i really don't understand how this website works.especially i uploading the images of my own and profile picture and what is the work of upvote stuff. please explain something or if you have some basic videos then refer me.

I honestly didn't even realize you shared my post on your Upvotable post until I saw it on my home feed a few minutes ago! Super amazing surprise! Thank you so much, @jerrybanfield!

I've got a new poem post sir. You can checked it to this link. Thanks :-) https://steemit.com/poetry/@annesaya/goodbye-lullaby-to-my-doofus-a-poem-original

Great Contents! Especially Homesteading :)

Quite a lot to take in. Resteemed tp keep track. Will be useful resource! Steem On