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RE: UpFundMe Premium Services Update (Crowdfunding services for steemit and

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I wish I could apply for a premium upfund but I have a litte SP right now. Maybe a logo contribution will do? Heres my contribution for @upfundme company.


I will pay your dues each month until your crowdfund goal is reached. Thank you for the logo to use. My artistic skills are quite lackluster at best.

I will have to send you the STEEM dues and you would have to then send them to for the software to pick up your membership.

Edit: I may be able to sponsor you using my own delegation, not 100% sure I will find out if it worked or not when VP hits 100% for

Wow thats cool man! Thanks! I really need a camera and this sheds a light on me. I will put this into good use. Thanks again @taskmanager :)

I was unable to edit you in without crashing the bot so I sent you the 1 STEEM for the 1st month of Premium. Send that 1 steem to to activate your premium membership.

Thanks man! Done with the enrollment.
Thank you sooo much for the support.

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